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lig le, v.t. & i. 1. Let out, lengthen. ~ean le rópa, to pay out, to extend, a rope. ~ean le seol, to lengthen sail. ~ slat eile leis, let it out another yard. ~ fad na téide leis, give him full rope, full scope. 2. Allow to take, to get away with; concede, yield, to. Rud a ~ean le duine, to let s.o. take sth.; to let s.o. get away with sth. ~ an leabhar leis, let him have the book. ~ cairde leis, give him respite. ~eadh a anam leis, he was allowed to escape with his life. ~ sé a cheart leo, he yielded his rights to them. ~eadh an lá leo, they were allowed to carry the day. ~fidh mé leat an focal sin, I will excuse you that remark. ~im leat an méid sin, I concede you that much. ~ leis! Let him go ahead, have his way! Ná ~ leis é, don’t let him get away with it. Tá sé ag ~ean leis féin, he is letting himself go, doing what he likes. Sp:~im leat, I accept your challenge (to pick a team). S.a. ais1, cnámh 1(b), olc11. 3. Let fall, rest, upon. Rud a ~ean le lár, to let sth. rest upon the ground; to let sth. fall to the ground, fall through. Do thaca a ~ean le rud, to lean on sth. for support. ~ sé le cré a chneas, he laid himself bare on the earth. ~ le do dhroim ar an tolg, rest your back on the sofa. 4. Let fall into, abandon to. Rud a ~ean le sruth, le gaoth, to let sth. be carried away by the stream, by the wind. Ná ~ leis an aill iad, don’t let them fall down the cliff. ~sí í féin le brón, she abandoned herself to sorrow. 5. Let know, reveal to. D’ainm, d’aithne, a ~ean le duine, to reveal one’s name, identity, to s.o. Dá ~feá d’intinn liom, if you would let me know what’s in your mind. ~ sé an scéal uile linn, he let us have the whole story.
Lig fad an adhastair leis, give him plenty of rope.
Ligim le m’~ (go), I admit (that).
Ná labhair thar d’~, os cionn d’anála, air; ná lig in aice, le hais, d’anála é, don’t breathe a word of it.
Ligeadh a bheo leis, his life was spared.
Is ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I like to rest myself.
Níor lig an ~ dó labhairt linn, he was too proud to speak to us.
~ a thabhairt do dhuine, a ligean le duine, to give s.o. an advantage.
Ligeadh ~ a chinn leis, he was set free.
Lig a cheann leis, let him go free.
Scaoil a cheann leis; lig ~ scaoilte leis, give him free rein.
Lig mé dó titim as mo lámh le ~, I was so jittery that I let it fall out of my hand.
Do rámhaí a ligean le ~, to ship one’s oar.
Ná lig do chnámh leis an madra, don’t be imposed upon.
Lig siad an chraobh leis, they yielded the palm to him.
Ligean le do dhroim, to lean back; to take things easy.
~ agus cairde a ligean le duine, to give s.o. time and respite.
~ a dhéanamh, a ligean, a chur (ar, le), to whistle (to, at).
Ná lig ~ do rúin leis, don’t reveal your intentions to him.
Lig sé ~ ar phlúr liom, he asked me to bring him flour.
le) Ní ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I feel I must rest.
Lig sé a chuid fola leis, he drew blood from him.
Do gheall a ligean le duine, to let s.o. get the better of you.
Lig an leanbh ~ as le háthas, the child crowed with delight.
3. Braon a ligean le do ghrásta, to take a drop as a favour, a kindly drop.
D’~ a ligean le duine, to let s.o. know what is in your mind.
Ná lig an troscán ~ leis, don’t let the furniture be included in it.
An ~ a ligean le duine, to let s.o. carry the day.
Ná lig ~ leis é, don’t let him get away with it easily.
Lig sé ~ liom ann, he allowed me a discount on it.
Lig sí orlach leis, she let it out an inch.
~ a ligean le rud, to widen, to let out, sth.
Teach a ~ean ar cíos le duine, to rent a house to s.o.
~ sé air (féin) liom go raibh sé tinn, he led me to believe that he was sick.
Tá sé ag ~ean as na caoirigh le déanaí, he has been giving up sheep-rearing lately.
~ dom le do ghnó, don’t bother me with your business.
~ dom leo, don’t mention them to me.
Ní thig liom mo chos chlé a ~ean fúm, I can’t stand on my left foot.
Bhí sé ag ~ean siar na gcluas léi, he was making up to her.
2. ~ ar, le, given, addicted, to.
~ leis an olc ar fad, gone to the bad altogether.
Tá sé ~ leis féin, he has gone beyond control, does what he pleases.
Lig ~ nó dhó leis, let it out a link or two.
Is ~ an chontúirt atá air a cheann a ligean leis, he is in less danger for being given his head.
Do mhaidí a ligean le sruth, to let things drift.
Lig sé a mheon linn, he revealed his mind to us.
~ ligtear leis é, let him not get away with it.
Do ~ a ligean leis na comharsana, to wash one’s dirty linen in public.
In ~ Dé (leat) is lig dom, for God’s sake let me alone.
~ a ligean le duine, to concede a point to s.o.
Lig ~ leis; tabhair cead ~e dó, let him have his way.
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