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aire could be a grammatical form of: air »
aire1, f. (gs. ~).1. Care, attention. ~ a thabhairt do rud, to take care of sth. Dá mbeadh ~ aige, if he had care, attention. Tabhair ~ do na huibheacha, be careful with the eggs. Tabhair ~ do do ghnóthaí, mind your business. Thug sé ~ dá chuid airgid, he saved his money. Tugadh ~ mhaith don leanbh; fuair an leanbh ~ mhaith, the child was well cared for. Fágadh a h~ uirthi féin, she was left to care for herself; left without support. Is iomaí rud ar m’~, I have many cares, many things to attend to. Is beag eile atá ar a ~, he has little else to do. Ní hé is mó atá ar m’~, that is not what concerns me most. Tá mo cheart ar m’~, I have enough to do. ~ na huibhe circe, an éin ghé, na gloine, na fola, gentle treatment; coddling. 2. Heed, notice. Tabhair do d’~, observe; take heed. Ghoin a ~ é, he pricked up his ears, became alert. Duine a chur ar a ~, to put s.o. on his guard. Bí ar d’~ ar, be on your guard against. ~ duit! ~ chugat! Look out! Mil:Ar ~! Attention!
aire2, m. (gs. ~ach, npl. ~acha).Lit: Nobleman, chief.
aire3, m. (gs. ~, pl. -rí). Minister (of state).
aire4, prep. pron. (Used in lit. phrases). Is ~ (charaim Doire), it is for this reason (I love Derry). Gonadh ~ sin, and that is why.
Airgead, prátaí, etc., na h~, plenty of money, of potatoes, etc.
An rud is ~ air, what he deserves.
Is maith an ~ air é, he deserves it well.
Ní hé is ~ air, it is not what he deserves.
Más ~ air é, if he deserves it.
~ an mhagaidh, laughing-stock.
Is ~ sheachanta é, he is one to be avoided.
Tá aire na hoifige, fostú na bhfear, air, he has to attend to the office, employ the men.
Tabhair aire do do shláinte, níl ~ uirthi, take care of your health, it is invaluable.
Thug sí aire cheart do na páistí, she took proper care of the children.
Le ~ an aire, with the minister’s compliments.
~ airgid, aire, céille, lack of money, of care, of sense.
D’aire a dhíriú ar rud, to direct one’s attention to sth.
Tabhair do d’aire (go), take (to your) notice (that).
Is ~ an rud nach fiú aire a thabhairt dó, it is a poor thing that is not worth minding.
Aire agus ~, care and attention.
~ an aire, an tsaoirseacht, atá ag teastáil, without the care, the craftsmanship, that is needed.
Aire a thabhairt do do ghnó(thaí), to look after one’s (own) affairs.
Aire agus ~, care and attention.
Aire ar leith, special care.
Ba mhaith an airí orthu é, they well deserved it.
Is ~ air é, he doesn’t deserve it.
~ aire, private secretary to minister (of state).
Tá sí ag ~t aire do na páistí, she is taking care of the children.
Aire duine a tharraingt ar rud, to draw s.o.’s attention to sth.
Chuaigh a aire dínn, he ceased to notice us.
Tabhair do d’~ agus do d’aire é, keep it carefully in mind.
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