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aithreachas, m. (gs. -ais). Repentance, regret. ~ a dhéanamh, to repent. An bhfuil ~ ort as do pheacaí? Are you sorry for your sins? Tháinig ~ orm gur labhair mé, I regretted that I had spoken. Beidh a ~ ort, beidh tú ina ~, you will rue it. Ní raibh m’~ ar aon duine riamh, nobody could regret it more than I do. Dá mbeadh breith ar a ~ aige, if he could undo what he has done.
Nuair atá ~ ar d’aithreachas agat, while there is still time for you to repent.
Níl aithreachas ná ~ d’aithreachas orm, I am not in the least repentant.
~ liom, a dhiúlaigh, beidh aithreachas ort as seo, thought I, my boyo, you will regret this.
Rinne sé aithreachas ina pheacaí, he repented of his sins.
~ raibh lá dá aithreachas orainn, may we never have cause to regret it.
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