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dar could be a grammatical form of: ar »
dar1, prep. (In asseverations) By. ~ Dia! By God! (Euphemistically) ~ fia! ~ lia! ~ fiagaí! ~ fia is fiolar! By Jove! ~ príosta! ~ prísce! ~ an gCách! By the holy! ~ an leabhar! By the book! Upon my faith! ~ m’anam! Upon my soul! ~ m’fhocal! ~ mo bhriathar! ~ m’uacht! Upon my word! ~ an Lámh Dhia! By the Holy Hand! ~ an lá beannaithe! By the blessed day! ~ Crom! ~ Duach! By Crom! By Duach! ~ m’fhallaing! By my cloak! ~ go deimhin! Indeed! ~ seo is siúd! By this and that!
dar2, defective vb. (With le) It seems, seemed, would seem (to). 1. (Succeeding clause) Tá do dhóthain agat, ~ liom, you have enough, it seems to me. B’achrannach an cheist í, ~ leis, it was an intricate question, he thought. Rachadh sé le leas na tíre, ~ leo, it would benefit the country, in their opinion. Dhéanfadh sé cúis, ~ leat, it should suffice, one would think. Bíodh do bharúil féin agat ach tá an ceart aige, ~ liomsa, you may hold your own opinion, but I think he is right. Is é rí na bhfear é, ~ leis féin, he is a prince among men, in his own estimation. Bhí a oiread againn, ~ linn, agus a riarfadh ár gcás, we had enough, we thought, to provide for us in the circumstances. Ní mar sin a tharla, ~ leis na heolaithe, ach mar seo, it did not happen like that, according to the experts, but like this. 2. (Preceding clause) ~ liom, is maith sin, methinks, that is good. Agus, ~ leis féin, a ábhar aige, and, in his own opinion, he has, had, good reason for it. ~ liom, a dhiúlaigh, beidh aithreachas ort as seo, thought I, my boyo, you will regret this. ~ liom féin, is fearr dom labhairt leis, I thought to myself I had better speak to him. ~ leat sin! One would think so! 3. (Followed by go, gur, nach, nár) ~ liom go bhfuil an ceart agat, it seems to me that you are right. ~ leis nach raibh aird acu air, he thought they were not paying attention to him. ~ leat ar a dhreach nach bhfuil an tsláinte aige, his appearance would suggest that he is not in good health. ~ le m’athair gur mhaith mar a rinneamar é, my father thought we acted properly in the matter.
dar3, compound of prep. do or de and indirect rel. form ar of copula. (Lenites in past tense; becomes darb before vowel in pres. tense, darbh before vowel or fh followed by vowel in past tense). 1. For whom (is). An té ~ dual an mí-ádh, he who is unfortunate by nature. An fear ~ mhiste é, the man to whom it mattered. Bean ~b, ~bh, ainm Deirdre, a woman whose name is, was, Deirdre. 2. Cé ~ díobh thú? From whom are you descended? What is your (family) name?
dar4 = cad ar :cad1.
Dar m’~! Upon my soul!
Dar bhrí na mionn, by the power of oaths, by my oath.
Dar bhrí an bhata seo i mo lámh, (I swear) by this stick in my hand.
Dar mo bhriathar; dom ~, im ~, on my word (of honour).
Dar ~! By Jove!
Bean dar bhuíoch Dia, a woman favoured by God.
An mac dar mhó ár g~, the son we cherished most.
Dar m’anam atá i mo chliabh, upon my very soul.
Dar ~! By the Holy!
Dar mo choinníoll, on my honour.
Dar mo choinsias! By my troth!
Dar ~! By the holy!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar mo chúis! By my conscience!
Dar ~! By Jove!
An laoch dar dhlí an smior, the warrior who was lawfully entitled to the marrow.
Dar n~, ar n~, of course.
Dar D~! By Jove!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar m’fhallaing! By my cloak!
Dar ~! Dar ~ is (dar) fiolar! By Jove! By heaven!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar m’fhíor! Ar m’fhíor! By my troth!
Dar m’fhírinne! By my troth!
Ar, dar, m’fhocal, upon my word.
Dar mo ~! By my hand I swear.
Dar an ~! Dar an ~ de! By the book! Indeed, I assure you!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar mo mhionn, by my halidom.
Dar mo choinsias! By my conscience!
Mhuige! Dar ~! Really! By Jove!
Mhuine! Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar ~ is siúd, by this and that.
Dar ~! By Jove!
Dar a bhfuil ~ is thuas, by all that is holy (and unholy).
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