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anall, adv. & prep. & a. Hither, from the far side. Ag teacht ~ an pháirc, thar an abhainn, coming across the field, the river. ~ as Sasana, over from England. Tar ~ anseo, come over here. Druid ~ liom, come over closer to me. An fear ~, the man who is coming across. Tá sé ~, he has come over, arrived. Riamh ~, from time immemorial. S.a. anonn.
~ agus anall, to and fro.
Dúirt mé ~ agus anall leis é, I said it to his face.
Ná bí ~ ná anall leis an scéal, don’t shilly shally over it.
Ná bíodh ~ ná anall ann, let there be no two ways about it.
Ní luaithe ~ ná anall é, he is forever changing course, vacillating.
Rud a bhogadh anonn is anall, to move, rock, sth. to and fro.
Bhí sé (anonn is anall) ar a chamruathar, he was gadding about, running here and there.
Bhí sé ag céimniú roimhe, anonn is anall, he was striding along, back and forth.
Ag ~eadh anonn is anall, ó thaobh go taobh, shaking, waving, back and forth, from side to side.
~ isteach, anall, ar ais, air, wave him in, over, back.
Tá siad ag ~amh orainn anall, they are heading over in our direction.
~ aníos, aniar, anall, (liom), move up, forward, over, (towards me).
~ anall liom é, move it over towards me.
Bhí sé ag ~aint orm anall, he was looking over at me.
Shnámh sé anall chugainn go ~, he crept stealthily over to us.
~ aníos, anall, isteach, anseo, i leith, come up, over, in, here, hither.
Glaoch isteach, anall, ar dhuine, to call s.o. in, over.
Ghluais sé anall chugainn, he moved over towards us.
Ag ~ anonn is anall, lurching from side to side.
Ag teacht anall ~ an teach, coming over towards the house.
Druid anall liom, come over close to me.
Bhí sé ag ~ anonn is anall, he was swaying back and forth.
~adh ar lúdracha, anonn agus anall, to swing on hinges, back and forth.
~ anonn is anall é, work it back and forth.
Tháinig sé de ~ (reatha) anall chugainn, he came rushing over to us.
~ anall chugainn uair éigin, run over to see us some time.
Thug sé ~ anall chugainn, he took a run over to us, paid us a flying visit.
Thug sé ~ anall chugainn, he dashed over to us.
Ag siúl timpeall, anonn is anall, amach is isteach, walking about, to and fro, in and out.
~ anall air, beckon him to come over.
~ anall go dtí an bruach é, drag it over here to the bank.
~ anall linn, sit over close to us.
Thug na seacht bpunt anall mé, the seven pounds sufficed to bring me over.
Bhí siad ag ~t anall i rith an ama, they were drawing over closer all the time.
~ anall, isteach, liom, draw over, in, close to me.
Dul soir, suas, anonn agus anall, isteach sa teach, to go east, up, to and fro, into the house.
Tháinig mé anall ~ an droichead, I came across over the bridge.
~ anall chugam é, send him over (quickly) to me.
Bhíomar ár d~ anonn is anall, we were being shuttled back and forth.
Anonn is anall ~ na driseacha, back and forth through the briars.
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