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an-am, s. (In phrases) In ~, at the wrong time. In am agus in ~, in and out of season.
anam, m. (gs. ~a, pl. ~acha).1. Soul. ~ an duine, the human soul. ~acha na marbh, na bhfíréan, the souls of the dead, of the just. D’~ a dhéanamh, to prepare one’s soul, to repent. Cuid d’~a a ghlacadh, to receive communion. Guí le h~ duine, to pray for (the repose of) the soul of s.o. Idir ~ is chorp, body and soul. Mar mhaithe le d’~, for the sake of your soul. Rud a chur le leas d’~a, to do something for the good of one’s soul. Duine gan ~, unfeeling person; lifeless person. Is dubh ar d’~ é, you have done a sinful, a grievous, thing. Tá trua m’~a agam dó, from my heart I pity him. Tá a h~ istigh ann, she is devoted to him. Tabhair cead m’~a dom, let me say my prayers in peace. M’~ do Dhia, (I commend) my soul to God. Dia le m’~! God bless my soul! Dar m’~! Upon my soul! M’~ ionat! My dearest! (Mo) sheacht mh’~ thú! Bravo! Well done! M’~, m’~ le Dia, gur fíor é, by my soul (I swear) it is true. Tá, m’~! Yes, indeed! D’~ don diabhal! Go to the devil! Tá airgead le hanamacha na marbh aige, he has money to burn. 2. Life. An t-~ a choinneáil i nduine, to keep s.o. alive. D’~ a chur i gcontúirt, to risk one’s life. Bhain tú an t-~ asam, you frightened the life out of me. Thit an t-~ as, d’fhág an t-~ é, he got the fright of his life. Dá mbeadh m’~ (i ngeall) air, if my life depended on it. D’imigh sé lena ~ orthu, he escaped with his life from them. Thug sé a ~ slán leis, he escaped unharmed. Rith sé lena ~; rith sé i mbarr, i dtánaiste, ar theann, a ~a, he ran for his life. Troid go himirt ~a, war to the knife. Beidh d’~ agam, I’ll kill you. Ar d’~ ná habair é, don’t say it if you value your life. Ag cur a ~a amach ag gáire, breaking his heart laughing. Níl ann ach gur caitheadh an t-~ ann, one would hardly notice that he is alive. Coimrí m’~a ar Dhia! God keep me from harm! 3. Liveliness, spirit; breath. ~ a chur sa chuideachta, sa cheol, to liven up the company, the music. Cuir ~ ionat féin, look alive, bestir yourself. Lán d’~, in high spirits. ~ maith gaoithe, good breath of wind. (Var:pl. ~anna; f)
In ~ an anama, critically ill.
~ an anama, the ruination of the soul.
D’anam, do náire, a anacal, to guard one’s soul, one’s honour.
Tá an clog ar an ~, the clock shows the correct time.
In ~ agus in an-~, in and out of season.
San ~, ag an ~, céanna, at the same time.
Ar m’anam, ar mo choinsias, by my soul, by my conscience.
Bhí sé ina rith i m~ a anama, he was running for dear life.
Ná bíodh an ~ ag milleadh an anama agat, don’t prevaricate; don’t perjure yourself.
Ár m~ leis an am a bhí, God be with the good old days.
Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo arís, may we live to see this time next year.
~ intinne, anama, liveliness of mind, spirit.
D’anam a dhíol ar do bholg, to sell one’s soul for a mess of pottage.
Bhrúigh siad an t-anam asam, they squashed the life out of me.
D’anam a chaomhnú, to preserve one’s life, soul.
4. ~ anama, quarter, exemption from death.
~ anama a iarraidh, a thabhairt, to ask for, grant, quarter.
Gan ~ anama gan trócaire, without quarter or mercy.
Dar m’anam atá i mo chliabh, upon my very soul.
~ choirp, anama, physical, spiritual, wound.
D’anam a choimeád, to preserve one’s life.
Ag ~ leis an am, leis an aimsir, working against time.
Mo choimirce, ~ m’anama, ort (agus cabhraigh liom), I implore you (to help me).
Chuaigh sé i g~ a anama leis, he risked his life with it.
Scaradh anama le ~, the parting of soul and body, the passing of life.
~ cirt, cúise, duine, tíre, anama, defence of right, of cause, of person, of country, of life.
~ coirp, intinne, anama, bodily, mental, spiritual, food.
Tá sí lán ~ (agus anama), she is full of life.
Chroith sé an t-anam asam, it shook the life out of me.
Chuach sé an t-anam asam, he squeezed the life out of me.
Níl mo chuid ort, I am not dependent on you. ~ d’anama a ghlacadh, to take spiritual sustenance; to receive Communion.
~ m’anam! Upon my soul!
~ coirp agus anama (le chéile), the separation of body and soul.
A dheartháir m’anama! Man alive!
Bhí ~ m’anama, mo dhá bhonn, orm, I was hurrying for dear life, as fast as my feet could carry me.
Rith sé i n~ an anama, he ran for dear life.
D’anam, do chorp, don ~! Damn you!
~ anama, ~ báis is beatha, ultimate endeavour.
~ choirp, anama, bodily, spiritual, harm.
D’anam don ~! What the devil!
~ anama, spiritual darkness.
Tá ~ a anama sa cheol aige, he is passionately fond of music.
Tá ~ a bháis, a anama, air (go), he is in mortal dread (that).
D’~ an t-anam as, he gave up the ghost.
Ar ~ báis, ar ~ Dé, a thug mé m’anam liom, it was only by the merest chance that I escaped with my life.
Rud a fhágáil le d’anam, to leave sth. to be offered for one’s soul.
~aim le m’anam (go), upon my soul I swear (that).
Ná ~ an t-anam asam, don’t crush the life out of me.
Bhí ~ a anama air, he was afraid of his life.
Chuaigh sé i bh~ a anama leis, he risked his life with it.
Tá orlach aige orm, he is an inch taller than I am.
Tá orlach, bliain, agat orm, you are an inch taller, a year older, than I am.
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