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~ ó chianaois, from ancient times.
~ biataigh, public hospitaller’s land; ancient land division equated to 480 Irish acres of arable land.
~ féine, (ancient) legal language.
~ (na) Lochlannach, ‘Danish Fort’, ancient stone fort.
Chaoch sé le seanchas mé, he confounded me with ancient lore.
~a solais, ancient lights.
~ cathartha, (i) (ancient) war between cities, (ii) civil war.
I gcomhaid na sean, in the preserving lines, poems, of the ancients.
Chomh sean leis an ~, as old as the flood; very ancient.
~ na féine, ancient law system (of Ireland).
~ dúin, open space, lawn, in front of (ancient) fort.
Seanteach ~, old and ancient-looking house.
~, ~ fia, ~ fiann, clinkered bed of ancient cooking-place.
An ~ gréine, ‘the sunburst’, banner of ancient Fianna (of Fionn).
~ Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne, ancient passage-grave, tumulus.
Ag míniú seanchais, expounding ancient lore.
Inár gceallana, in our (ancient) churches.
O~ Ársa na nÉireannach, the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
An S~ Mór, (title of) collection of ancient Irish law-tracts.
Mar a deir an ~, in the words of the ancient.
An ~, the ancient world; olden, former, times.
Tá ~ anseo ó chianaois, this is an ancient place of pilgrimage.
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