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seanduine, m. (gs. ~, pl. -daoine).1. Old person; old man; ancient, sage. Na seandaoine, the old folk; the men of old. Mar a deir an ~, in the words of the ancient. Is é an ~ é, (of young person) he is such an old man, so precocious. 2. Old age, old appearance. Tá an ~ ag teacht air, he is beginning to look old. Ná lig an ~ ort féin go fóill, don’t let yourself drift into old age yet.
Leanbh, seanduine, ~, a peevish child, old man.
Tá an seanduine ag breith (na haimsire) leis go maith, the old man is wearing (his years) well.
Tá sé ina bhog-sheanduine, he is getting on in years, beginning to look old.
Seanduine ~, sprightly old person.
Seanduine an chaib, the toothless old man.
Is ~ an seanduine é, he is a great old man.
~ de sheanduine, fretful old man.
Seanduine ~, hardy, active, old man.
Tá sé ina sheanduine ~, he is a real old man.
Seanduine ~, decrepit old man.
Seanduine ~, withered, dry, old man.
Cibé ~ a tháinig ar an seanduine, whatever made the old man peevish.
Seanduine bocht ~, poor blind old man.
~ seanduine, bent old man.
Tá sé i ~ na seandaoine feasta, he may be accounted an old person from now on.
Seandaoine bochta ~a, poor afflicted old people.
~ de sheanduine, bitter old man.
Seanduine ~, sprightly old person.
Thit an seanduine go mór le bliain, the old man has declined a lot during the past year.
Seanduine tanaí ~, thin worn-out old man.
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