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baol could be a grammatical form of: aol »
baol, m. (gs. -oil).1. Danger. Duine, rud, a chur i m~, to endanger s.o., sth. I m~ báis, in danger of death. Tá sé i m~ a bháite, he is in danger of drowning. Sin an áit a bhfuil an ~, that is where the danger lies. Is ~ liom, I fear. Ní ~ duit titim, go dtitfidh tú, you are in no danger of falling, you need not fear that you will fall. Bheith ó bhaol, to be out of danger. 2. (In phrases) Níl sé lán ná ~ air, it is not nearly full. Níl sé ~ ar chomh hard leat, he is not nearly as tall as you. Dá mbuaileadh sé mé, rud nár bhaol dó, had he beaten me, which he wouldn’t, couldn’t, do. Is beag an ~ air é a dhéanamh arís, he is hardly likely to do it again. An dtiocfaidh tú? (Beag an) ~ orm! Will you come? Not likely! Tá ~ ort! It’s a pity about you!
An bhearna bhaoil, the [’gap of danger’, the breach (of battle).
Duine a choimeád ó bhaol, to keep s.o. from harm.
Sinn a chosaint ó bhaol, ar olc, to protect us from harm, from evil.
Is baol gur ~ a dheireadh, I am afraid it will end in recriminations.
Bheith ó bhaol, to be out of danger.
~ ó bhaol, free from danger.
Thug siad ó bhaol mé, they brought me out of danger.
Teacht ó bhaol, to escape danger.
Chuaigh sé i mbaol a anama, he risked his life.
In ~ an bhaoil, in the face of danger.
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