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guth, m. (gs. ~a, pl. ~anna). 1. Voice. (a) Human voice. Chuala mé ~ duine, I heard s.o.’s voice, a human voice. Is é do ghuth a bhí ann, it was your voice. ~ cinn, head-voice; loud, clear, voice. In ard (a chinn agus) a ghutha, at the very top of his voice. Níl an ~ cinn agam atá agatsa, my voice is not as good as yours. S.a. téad 2(b).(b) Singing-voice. ~ a bheith agat, to have a voice, be able to sing. ~ a chur le rud, to sing sth. Is breá an ~ atá aici, she has a fine singing-voice. Chaill mé mo ghuth, I have lost my voice. Níl a ghuth aige, he is not in voice. (c) Note, sound. ~ na cuaiche, the cuckoo’s call. ~ gadhar, the cry of beagles. ~ na gaoithe, the sound of the wind. ~ goil, sobbing voice. (d) Utterance. ~ a chur ar rud, to utter sth. Ní thig liom ~ a chur air, I can’t say, pronounce, it. Tháinig a ghuth faoin ngairm aige, his prediction came true. Sin an ~ a fuair a fhreagairt, that call was readily answered; it was done like a shot. Chomh luath is a fuaireamar an ~, as soon as we got word. (e) Expressed opinion. ~ an phobail, the voice of the people. ~ a thabhairt ar son, in aghaidh, ruda, to voice an opinion in favour of, against, sth. D’aon ghuth, with one voice, unanimously. (f) Voice, vote. ~ a thabhairt do dhuine i rud, to give s.o. a voice in sth. Do ghuth a thabhairt, to vote. 2. Blame, reproach, censure. ~ a thabhairt ar dhuine, to censure s.o. Ní ~ air é, it is no reproach to him. Níl ~ agam ort, I don’t blame you. Ní bhfaighidh tú ~ ná náire as, you will be neither reproached nor disgraced for it. Is baol gur ~ a dheireadh, I am afraid it will end in recriminations. 3 = guta2. (Var:f)
D’~ ghuth, with one voice, unanimously.
In ~ a chinn, a ghutha, at the top of his voice.
Guth, glór, ~, loud voice.
~ ghutha, stress.
Guth, glór, ~, soft, mellow, voice, sound.
Is breá an ~ (gutha) atá aige, he has a great, strong, voice.
Guth ~, rude, aggressive, voice.
Guth ~, thin voice,
Guth ~, sweet, melodious, voice.
Guth ~, trembling, quavering, voice.
~ guth leis, sing it.
~ fuaime, gutha, depth of sound, of voice.
Guth na ndaoine, the voice of the people.
Tháinig ~ ar a ghuth, his voice hardened.
Guth ~, languid voice.
Guth san fhásach, a voice (crying) in the wilderness.
3. Guth, nóta, ~, true voice, note.
~ cainte, gutha, gaoithe, toinne, sound of speech, of voice, of wind, of wave.
~ gutha, gaoithe, toinne, ceoil, the sound of a voice, of a wind, of a wave, of music.
Chuir sé ~ lena ghuth, he put more vigour into his voice.
Ghabh sé ar a anáil, ar a ghuth, ar a osna, he held his breath, restrained his voice, repressed a sigh.
Guth ~, sharp voice.
Guth, cainteoir, ~, clear voice, speaker.
Guth ~, liquid voice.
~ gutha, range of voice.
D’~ sé a ghuth, he lowered his voice.
~ gutha, lowering of voice.
~ gutha, sinking of voice.
Guth ~, strong voice.
~ gutha, weakness of voice.
Guth a mhalartú, to inflect voice.
Do ghuth a mhaolú, to lower, soften, one’s voice.
Nach ~ an guth atá aige! What a listless voice he has!
Guth ~, gentle, placid, voice.
Cuir ~ le do theanga, le do ghuth, control your tongue.
~a gutha, vocal chords.
Cuir ~ le do ghuth, raise your voice; speak up.
~ gutha, loss of voice.
~ do ghuth, raise your voice.
~ a chur le do ghuth, to speak in a louder voice.
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