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capall, m. (gs. & npl. -aill, gpl. ~).1. Horse. ~ cogaidh, céachta, cóiste, rása, seilge, ualaigh, charger, plough-horse, coach-horse, racehorse, hunter, pack-horse. ~ marcaíochta, hackney. Obair chapaill, na g~, a dhéanamh, to work like a horse. ~ na hoibre an bia, one cannot work without food. Prov:Is minic a rinne bromach gioblach ~ cumasach, many a ragged colt made a noble horse. Prov:Ní dhéanfadh an saol ~ rása d’asal, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Prov:Mair, a chapaill, agus gheobhaidh tú féar, live horse and you will get grass. S.a. aois 1. 2. Mare. 3. ~ maide, (i) wooden, vaulting, horse, (ii) hobby-horse. ~ luascáin, rocking-horse. 4. Orn:~ coille, capercaillie. 5. Capaill bhána, white horses, crested waves. 6. (gs. as attrib.a.) Large, coarse (species of sth). Cnó capaill, horse-chestnut. Péist chapaill, large caterpillar. S.a. beach 2, faocha11, paidir 2.
Capall ~, spirited horse.
Capall ~, unruly horse.
An capall ~, the off-horse (of pair).
~ bó, capall, cow-, horse-, dung.
Tá ~ chapall na comharsan, chapall na malairte, chapall na muintire, aige, he is as old as Methuselah.
~ capall, caorach, horse, sheep, fair.
Capall ardfhola, a thorough-bred horse.
Capall ardualaigh, pack-horse.
~ ó na capaill, control the horses.
Capall ~, piebald horse.
Tá mé i mo bhambairne (ag cos thinn, ó cailleadh an capall orm), I am in a predicament, frustrated (with a sore foot, since I lost my horse).
Teach, hata, capall, ~, white house, hat, horse.
2. ~ chapaill, ~ ghabhair, wasp.
Tá ~ crua, ceansa, ag an gcapall sin, that horse has a hard, a soft, mouth.
~ capaill, caorach, horse, sheep.
Chuir sé tairne i m~ sa chapall, sa bheo ag an gcapall, he drove the nail into the horse’s quick.
Capall na hoibre an ~, one must eat to work.
Tá ~ ar an gcapall, the horse is in good condition.
Tá ~ sa chapall sin, that is a spirited horse.
Capall ~, dapple-grey horse.
Bád, capall, a chur thar a ~, to overload a boat, overburden a horse.
Bhris sé anáil an chapaill, he caused the horse to become broken-winded.
6. Capall a bhriseadh, to break a horse.
Capall a bhriseadh isteach, to break in a horse.
Capall ~, broken-winded horse.
~ an capall, spur the horse.
Duine, capall, ~, fiery person, horse.
~ capaill, crest of horse.
Capall ~, light bay (horse).
Chaill mé scilling ar chapall, I lost a shilling on a horse.
Chaith an capall crú, the horse cast a shoe.
~eadh den chapall é, he was thrown from the horse.
B’éigean an capall a chur i g~, the horse had to be put in stocks (while being treated).
~ an capall dom, turn the horse for me.
~ is dhá chapall; dhá chapall is ~, one hundred and two horses.
Tabhair a cheann don chapall, give the horse his head.
~ capall, bó, horse-, cattle-, dealer.
Capall ~, white-faced horse.
Capall a cheansú, to tame, curb, a horse.
~ a bhaint as capall, to canter a horse.
Is é an capall ~ é, he is a very willing horse.
Capall, seisreach, a chinnireacht, to lead a horse, a plough-team.
~ capaill, one leading a horse.
~ chapaill, curry-comb.
Capall a chíoradh, to curry a horse.
~ capaill, maide, big strong horse, stick.
Chlis an capall, the horse shied.
~ capaill, horse-chestnut.
Crann ~ capaill, horse-chestnut tree.
~ capaill, madra, horse-, dog-, collar.
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