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cara could be a grammatical form of: car »
cara1, m. (gs. ~d, pl. cairde, gpl. ~d in certain phrases).Friend. A chara, my friend; (my) dear sir. A chara na gcarad, my dearest friend. A dhuine na gcarad, my dear fellow. ~ cléibh, bosom friend. ~ rúin, confidant. Cairde gaoil, friends and relatives. ~ Críost; ~ as Críost, godparent. S.a. cogadh, cuid 4. (Var:f)
cara2, f. (gs. ~nn).Lit: Haunch.
cara3 = cora1.
A chara na n-~ istigh, dearest friend.
Duine a áireamh mar chara, to reckon s.o. as a friend.
Ar cairde, ar iasacht, ar malairt, on credit, on loan, in exchange.
Do chara ~, your constant friend.
Mo chairde bunaidh, my original, life-long, friends.
Bhí ~ míosa acu gan an bás a imirt orthu, they had a month’s respite from execution.
D’iarr sé ~ bliana orthu gan cath a chur leis, he asked them for a year’s respite from battle.
Gheobhaidh tú an ~ is dual, you will get due respite.
Gan chairde, without respite, at short notice.
Rud a fháil, a thabhairt, ar ~, to get, give, sth. on credit.
~ a fháil i siopa, to obtain credit in a shop.
Plúr ~, min chairde, flour, meal, obtained on credit.
Lá ~, term, day, of reckoning.
Tá an ~ caite, the credit period is expired; the time of reckoning has come.
Is maith an ~ go dtaga an cuntas, credit is all very well till the account is tendered.
Caitear an ~ agus ní mhaitear na fiacha, procrastination is the thief of time.
Rud a chur ar ~, to put off sth.
Ná cuir do leas ar ~, don’t let opportunity slip from you.
Ní huair chairde í, it is not a time for procrastination.
Tagann gach maith le ~, everything comes to him who waits.
~ nó cara, friend or companion.
Cara ~, gentle friend.
Cairde a chaomhnú, to cherish friends.
Cara cléibh, bosom friend.
Is fuar an rud ~ gan chara, fame without friends is a cheerless thing.
Cara cnis, bosom-friend.
~ carad caoi namhad, disunity plays into the hands of the enemy.
~ carad, a friend’s advice.
Ná tréig do chara ar do chuid, don’t forsake a friend for gain, stick to your principles.
~eadh ar cairde, ar neamhní, é, it was put in abeyance, brought to nothing.
Cara, focal, sa chúirt, (backstairs) influence.
C~ na gCairde, the Society of Friends.
Níl cara ag ~ ach cuimhne, memory is grief’s only friend.
~ ar athlá, ar cairde, postponement, deferment.
Tabhair ~ gcairde é, give it to our friends.
Dhealaigh sé lena chairde, he parted company with his friends.
Cara, namhaid, a dhéanamh de dhuine, to make a friend, an enemy, of s.o.
Do chairde a dhearbhú, to test the genuineness of one’s friends.
Cara ~, dear friend.
Cara ~, staunch friend.
Ar ~ airgid, carad, without money, friends.
Casadh cara dó orm, I met a friend of his.
~ agus cairde a ligean le duine, to give s.o. time and respite.
Cairde ~e, absent friends.
2. Cara ~, true friend.
Ná ~ d’eascara mar chara, don’t mistake an enemy for a friend.
Cairde gaoil, friends and relatives; dear friends.
~ta agus cairde, relatives and friends.
A chairde ~e, my dear friends.
Cara liom, a friend of mine.
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