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ceal1, m. (gs. ~). 1. Want, lack; absence of. ~ airgid, céille, lack of money, of sense. De cheal eolais, for want of knowledge. I g~ tobac, in need of tobacco. (De) cheal nirt, for want of strength. Níl aon cheal orainn, we want for nothing. (De) cheal gan misneach a bheith aige, because he is lacking in courage. Déan do rogha ~ de, make what you like of it (you must do without it). 2. Extinction; concealment. (a)~ a chur i rud, to do away with sth.; to cover up, hide, sth. Chuaigh ~ sa bhia, the food disappeared. Chuir sé ~ san airgead, he did away with the money. Cuir ~ ann sula bhfeice siad é, put it away before they see it. (b)Rud a chur ar ~, to abolish sth. Cuireadh an rún, an reacht, ar ~, the motion, enactment, was set aside, rescinded. Cuireadh na fiacha ar ~, the debts were extinguished. Tá an t-ordú curtha ar ~, the order has been cancelled. (c)Rud a ligean ar ~, to let sth. fall into disuse, disappear; to neglect sth. Ligeamar an lá ar ~, we let the day go to loss. Lig sé a cheart ar ~, he forfeited his right. Ná lig do chúram ar ~, don’t neglect your responsibility. (d)Dul ar ~, to disappear; to cease to exist. Bheith ar ~, to be absent, missing; to be no more. Ar ~ ón tréad, missing from the herd. Ar ~ ó do mhuintir, gone from, lost to, your people. 3. Dul thar ~ le rud, to go too far, take too long, with sth. Lá thar ~, a day late, overdue. Gloine thar ~, a glass too many. Ná cuir thú féin thar ~ leis, don’t overdo it.
ceal2 = cheal1.
~ nár imigh tú fós? Have you not gone away yet?
~ nach bhfuil a fhios sin agat! Surely you know that!
~ ar ceal, cancellation; concealment.
De cheal sláinte, for want of health.
~ ar ceal, disappearance, passing, lapse.
Ceal, díobháil, foghlama, want of learning, ignorance.
Nós atá ag dul ar ceal, a custom that is disappearing.
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