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cealg1, f. (gs. ceilge, npl. ~a, gpl. ~).1. Guile, deceit; treachery. Rud a dhéanamh le ~, to accomplish sth. by guile. Ag cothú ceilge, creating mischief, hatching a plot. Duine gan chealg, guileless, harmless, person. Bheith i g~, ag ~, duine, to plot against s.o. B’fhearr liom a chabhair ná a chealg, (of crafty person) I would rather have him with me than against me. 2. Sting (of insect).
cealg2, v.t. (pp. ~tha).1. Beguile, allure; deceive. Duine a chealgadh le comhrá, to beguile s.o. with conversation. Dár gcealgadh le bréaga, soothing, deceiving, us with lies. Prov:Is minic a chealg briathra míne cailín críonna, many a prudent girl was led astray with honeyed words. 2. Lull to sleep. Leanbh a chealgadh, to lull a child. 3. (Of insect) Sting.
cealg3 = colg.
Ar ~ a cheilge, on account of his treachery.
Cealg a bheartú, to plot treachery.
Is fearr duit a chabhair ná a chealg, it is better for you to have him on your side than against you.
Amhrán cealgtha, lullaby.
Cealg a cheapadh, to brew treachery.
~ cheilge, mhioscaise, oilc, hotbed of treachery, malice, corruption.
~ agus cealg, perversity and deceit.
~ ceilge, secret plotting.
Ag ~adh ceilge, hatching a plot.
Gliceas, cealg, a dhéanamh, to resort to cunning, deceit.
Cealg a inleadh, to plot treachery.
~ ceilge, treacherous intent, plot.
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