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cluiche could be a grammatical form of: cluich »
cluiche, m. (gs. ~, pl. -chí). 1. Game. (a)~ iomána, peile, leadóige, fichille, cártaí, game of hurling, football, tennis, chess, cards. ~ corr, rounders. ~ comórtais, sraithe, competitive, league, game. ~ coirn, cup-tie. ~ cothrom, evenly-played, drawn, game. ~ saor, bye. ~ ceannais, craoibhe, final, championship (game). ~ leathcheannais, semi-final (game). ~ ceannais na hÉireann, All-Ireland final. Cluichí Oilimpeacha, Olympic games. ~ a imirt, a bhaint, a chailleadh, to play, win, lose, a game. ~ a dhéanamh, (at cards) to score a game. Chuir sé an ~ orm, he took the game from me. Cards:~ a chur as cúl doirn, to jink, to win every trick in game. Bhí an ~ ina dhorn aige, he had the winning of the game in his hand. Bhí breith ~ aige, he had the winning of the game, held the winning card. Bhí an ~ air, the game was up with him; it was his lot. S.a. comhrac 2 (a).(b)Lit:Tír chluiche, sporting country; hunting-ground. (c)~ caointe, funeral rites, games. (d) Play-acting. I leith ~ is ábhachta, by way of playing a joke. (e) Harrassment. Tá tú i g~ anois, you are in trouble now. (f)Sa chluiche is go, in such a way that. 2. (a)(Of fish) Shoal. (b)~ faoileán, gainéad, flock of seagulls, of gannets (over shoal). (c)(Of dogs, etc.) Pack.
Bíodh cluiche againn, let’s have a game.
An mbeidh cluiche maith ann Dé Domhnaigh? Beidh agus é. Will the match on Sunday be good? It definitely will.
Tá an cluiche ~, the game is over, won.
An-chluiche, a great game.
Cluiche, cogadh, a bhaint, to win a game, a war.
Chuir mé cluiche agus bhí mé dhá phingin sa bháin, I got a game and was owed twopence from the kitty.
Duine, cuideachta, cluiche, a bheochan, to enliven a person, a company, a game.
Cluiche ~í, game of bowls.
Cluiche a bhreathnú, to watch a game.
~ catha, cluiche, troda, victory in battle, in game, in fight.
Cath, cluiche, duais, a bhuachan, to win a battle, a game, a prize.
Duine a bhualadh i gcoimhlint, i gcluiche, to beat s.o. in a contest, in a game.
Cá n-imreoimid an cluiche? Where will we play the game?
Cluiche, troid, a chailleadh, to lose a game, a fight.
Cluiche, paca, ~í, game, pack, of cards.
An cluiche ~ a imirt ar dhuine, to deceive s.o.
2. Cluiche na coigile, stick-play, cudgelling.
An cluiche, an imirt, a choimhéad, to watch the game, the play.
Cluichí comhraic, combat sports.
Cluiche, scrúdú, comórtais, competitive game, examination.
Cluiche a chur, to win a game.
Cluiche ~ is liathróide, cup-and-ball game.
Cluiche ~, blindman’s-buff.
A cúig, an cluiche, a dhéanamh, to make a (trick of) five, the game.
Cluiche ~, single game, singles.
Cluiche dornála, boxing-match.
Cluiche ~, one-sided game.
Cluiche ~e, game of volleyball.
~aint ar chluiche, to look at a game.
~adh a chluiche caointe, his funeral rites were held.
Cluiche fichille, game of chess.
Bhí an cluiche i mbéal fuadaigh orainn, victory was being snatched from us in the game.
Cluiche na fola, battle, final test of strength.
Bhí an cluiche ag ~áil inár gcoinne, the game was going against us.
Cluiche a ghabháil ó dhuine, to take a game from s.o.
Cluichí gabhála, catching games.
Cluiche a chur as cúl glaice, to win a straight game.
Cluiche glaice, jink.
Cluiche a ghoint, to win game outright, to jink.
~adh iad (sa troid, sa chluiche), they were trounced (in the fight, in the game).
Cén chaoi a bhfuil an cluiche ag imeacht? How is the match going?
Cluiche a ~t, to play a game.
D’~ siad an cluiche craoibhe ann, they played the final there.
~ cluiche, the playing of, the method of playing, a game.
Cluiche, báire, iomána, hurling match.
An chéad, an dara, ~ den chluiche, the first, the second, half of the game.
Cluiche a ~ean amach, to let a game be won outright.
Duine a ~ean i gcluiche, i gcumann, to allow s.o. into a game, an association.
Cluiche lúibe (is liathróide), hurling.
Cluiche ~, (game of) jackstones.
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