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coill could be a grammatical form of: coll »
coill1, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~te). Wood; forest. ~ ghiúise, bheithe, pine-, birch-, wood. Crann ~e, forest-tree. Dá dtitfeadh crann sa choill is air a thitfeadh sé, everything happens to him; he gets blamed for everything. Dá mbrisfí ~ air, no matter how much he should be punished. Chuirfeadh sé dhá cheann na ~e ar a chéile, ‘he would set both ends of the forest at each other’, he would cause a row in any company. An choill a thabhairt ort féin, (i) to take to the woods, (ii) to become an outlaw. Lucht ~e, (i) wood-folk, (ii) outlaws. ~te cúil, backwoods. S.a. , capall 4, ceithearn 2, cluas 1, colm1, corcrán, crotal 2, fabhcún, gairleog1, glasair1, lasair 2, lus, maide 1 (a), meantán, scréachóg.
coill2, v.t. 1. Geld, castrate. 2. Violate, despoil. Dlí, móid, tearmann, geasa, a choilleadh, to violate a law, a vow, a sanctuary, taboos. Nead a choilleadh, to rob a nest. 3. (Of book, etc.) Expurgate.
~ na coille, the tangled undergrowth.
~ coill, darach, hazel-wood, oak-wood.
~ coille, standing timber.
~ choille, nymph.
~ coille, wood sanicle.
Níl coill gan ~ a loiscfeadh í, any forest can be fired with its own kindling.
~ coille, margin of wood.
Bhuail siad isteach sa choill, they struck into the wood.
~í coill, lamb’s-tails.
~ coille, capercaillie.
I g~ na coille, na hoíche, in the depths of the wood, of the night.
2. ~ choille, woodkern, outlaw.
2. ~ (coille), outlaw.
~ casarnaí, cíbe, coille, garraí, giolcaí, sailí, grasshopper, sedge-, wood-, garden-, reed-, willow-, warbler.
~ na coille, the fringe of the wood.
Bíonn ~a ar na claíocha, ar an gcoill, walls have ears.
I g~ na coille, in the margin of the wood.
~ coill, gaelach, hazel-nut.
~ coille, trá, gleanings of woodland, of seashore.
~ feá, coille, woodcock.
Crann coill, hazel-tree.
Cnó coill, hazel-nut.
Bata coill, hazel-stick; cudgel.
Slat choill, hazel-rod; dowsing-rod.
~ coille, ring-dove, wood-pigeon.
~ coill, hazel flail-handle; cudgel.
Cosán ~e trí choill, pathway through a wood.
~ coille, bullfinch.
~ (caoch, coille), woodcock.
~ coille, thinned-out, skeleton, forest.
~ coille, lungwort.
Coillte cúil, backwoods.
I n~ na coille, in the security of the wood.
~ choille, forest seclusion.
Coill dhiamhair, dark forest.
Bheith ~ do choill, do bhalla, do chontúirt, to be close to a wood, to a wall, to danger.
~ coille, forest entanglement.
~ coille, hobby.
~ coill, hazel rod.
~ báid, coille, guail, boatman, woodsman, coalman.
~ choill, hazel-rod.
~ na coille, the forest foliage.
~áil trí bhearna, choill, chró snáthaide, to go through a gap, a wood, the eye of a needle.
~ choille, sauce-alone.
~ abhann, coille, cuain, river, forest, harbour, guard.
~ castáin, coill, giúise, chestnut-, hazel-, pine-, grove.
Bealach a ghearradh trí choill, to cut a way through a wood.
Coill a ghlanadh, to clear a forest.
~ choille, bugle.
Na coilm ag ~ sa choill, the doves cooing in the wood.
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