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adhmad, m. (gs. & npl. -aid, gpl. ~).1. Wood, timber. ~ coill, darach, hazel-wood, oak-wood. ~ coille, standing timber. ~ taca, timber props, timbering. Clár, sail, adhmaid, timber board, beam. Soitheach, bosca, bróg, adhmaid, wooden vessel, box, shoe. ~ a leagan ar dhuine, to beat, chastise, s.o. ~ a thógáil de dhuine, to find an excuse for s.o., save s.o. from punishment. Go dté ~ orm, to my dying day. 2. Material, substance. ~ a bhaint as caint, a dhéanamh de chaint, to make sense out of what is said; to draw a conclusion from what is said. 3. Lit: Device, contrivance; composition, poem. (Var:pl. ~aí)
Rud a dhéanamh as cré, snáth, brící, píosaí adhmaid, to make sth. from clay, yarn, bricks, pieces of wood.
~ adhmaid, iarainn, marmair, block of wood, of iron, of marble.
Adhmad, leathar, ~, soft timber, leather.
~ adhmaid, mhaide, clog.
~ adhmaid, bits of timber.
~ a dhéanfaimid feasta gan adhmad? What shall we do now without timber?
3. ~ (in adhmad), knot (in timber).
~ cláir, adhmaid, wooden pail,
~ (adhmaid), wood-press.
~ adhmaid, gloine, wooden, glass, case.
~ adhmaid, connaidh, block of wood, of fire-wood.
Adhmad a chearnú, to square timber.
~ éisc, adhmaid, pile of fish, of timber.
~ adhmaid, cloiche, lump of wood, of stone.
Adhmad cranraithe, knotted timber.
Tá an t-adhmad ina chríonach, the timber is decayed, crumbling with age.
~ adhmaid, stack of timber.
~ adhmaid, pile of timber.
Rinneadh d’adhmad é, it was made of wood.
~ de féin, dá adhmad féin, a scoilteas an leamhán, [’it takes a wedge of its own timber to split an elm’, diamond cut diamond.
Adhmad a bhfuil ~ ann, close-grained timber.
Snáithe ~ (in adhmad), close grain (in timber).
~ adhmaid, gloine, wooden, glass, door.
Adhmad ~, light wood.
~ in adhmad, flaw in timber.
~ in adhmad, shake in timber.
Adhmad ~, flawed timber.
Tá an t-adhmad ag fáscadh, the timber is contracting.
~ in adhmad, warp in timber.
Tá an t-adhmad ag ~adh, the timber is warping.
Adhmad ~, light-grained timber.
Adhmad ~, sound timbers.
~ adhmaid, pith of wood.
Adhmad a ghearradh, to cut timber; to chop wood.
~ adhmaid, wooden gate.
Adhmad ~, clean timber.
Adhmad ~, green timber.
~ adhmaid, rothaí, bróg, cnámh, creaking of timber, of wheels, of shoes, of bones.
Adhmad ~, unsound timber.
~ adhmaid, grain of timber.
Adhmad a ghreanadh, to carve (an image out of) wood.
~ adhmaid, woodcut.
~ adhmaid, cnámh, adhairce, móna, wood-, bone-, horn-, peat-, charcoal.
Tá sé i bhfad ~ san adhmad, it is deeply embedded in the timber.
~ éisc, adhmaid, cargo of fish, of timber.
~ adhmaid, wood-pulp.
Adhmad, síol, ag ~adh, wood, seed, decaying.
~ bia, éadaigh, adhmaid, earraí, supply of food, of clothing, of timber, of goods.
~ adhmaid, mhóna, ghuail, wood-, turf-, coal-, ash.
Tá sé ~ta san adhmad, it is buried in the timber.
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