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Similar words: comair · comhairc · comhairí · comhar · camhaoir
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comhair could be a grammatical form of: comhar »
comhair1, s. (Used only in prep. phrases).1. Faoi chomhair, i g~, for, intended for; to get. I g~ an turais, an Domhnaigh, na Nollag, for the journey, for Sunday, for Christmas. Bhí fáilte faoi mo chomhair, there was a welcome for me. Rinne siad féasta faoina chomhair, they made a feast for him. An rud atá faoinár, inár, g~, what is in store for us. Is cosúil go raibh an bás sin ina chomhair, it seems he was fated to die in that way. Tá sé faoi do chomhair, you’ll catch it. Dul faoi chomhair ruda, to go for, to fetch, sth. 2. Os ~, in front of, opposite. Os ~ an dorais, opposite the door. Os ~ na cuideachta, in front of, in the presence of, the company. Os ~ a shúl, before his eyes. Os mo chomhair amach, right in front of me. Os ~ an tsaoil, for everyone to see.
comhair2, v.t. & i. (vn. ~eamh, pp. ~the).Count, calculate. Rud a chomhaireamh, to count up sth. An costas a chomhaireamh, to count the cost. Gníomhartha a chomhaireamh, to count, recount, deeds. Gan Brian a chomhaireamh, apart from Brian. ~ amach é, count it out. Má chomhaireann an t-airgead geal punt, if the silver adds up to a pound. Chomhairfinn lá iomlán don obair sin, I reckon it would take a whole day to do that job. Tá sé ~the gurb iad is blasta, they are considered to be the tastiest.
comhair3 :comhar.
Os mo chomhair ~, out, right, in front of me.
Chuir siad ~ orm i gcomhair na hoíche, they fixed me up for the night.
Tháinig ~ orm os comhair an chruinnithe, I got nervous in front of the gathering.
Tá an ~ ann, the right number is there.
Ba mhór an ~ daoine é, it was a great concourse of people.
Talamh comhair, land worked conjointly.
Ag déanamh comhair le chéile, sharing help, co-operating, with each other.
Tá sé go ~ os comhair mo shúl, I have a perfect image of him.
Dul, teacht, os comhair ~e, to appear in court.
~ comhair, one of pair of oxen, yokefellow; equal, peer.
Is doiligh comhaireamh a choinneáil le ~, it is hard to keep count in single play.
Chomhair siad a n-easpaí, they counted their losses.
~ beag i gcomhair na seachtaine, a little supply for the week.
D’fheistigh sé é féin os mo chomhair, he planted himself in front of me.
Ní raibh ~ ná comhaireamh aige, there was no sign of life in him; he was dead drunk.
Tú féin a ghoradh le gréin, os comhair na tine, to warm oneself in the sun, before the fire.
~adh bia os ár gcomhair, food was set before us.
~ sé os mo chomhair amach, he settled himself right in front of me.
Náireoidh sé sinn os comhair na cuideachta, he will shame us before the whole company.
~ a dhéanamh faoi chomhair duine, ruda, to make preparations for s.o., sth.
~ coinne, ~ comhair, in front of, opposite.
Os comhair an phobail, in front of the congregation, in public.
Ag ~adh faoi chomhair scrúdaithe, cramming for an examination.
~ i gcomhair ruda, preparation for sth.
Os comhair an tsaoil, publicly.
An cnoc ~ os do chomhair, that hill in front of you.
Os comhair mo dhá shúl, before my very eyes.
Nuair a chuaigh comhaireamh ar na huain, when the lambs were counted.
Ag ~ i gcomhair an aistir, making ready for the journey.
~eadh os comhair coiste é, he was tried before a jury.
Tú féin a ullmhú i gcomhair turais, to get oneself ready for a journey.
Umhlú os comhair na haltóra, to genuflect in front of the altar.
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