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dearmad1, m. (gs. & npl. -aid, gpl. ~).1. vn. of dearmad2. 2. Forgetfulness, negligence. ~ a dhéanamh ar dhuine, ar rud, to forget about s.o., sth. Duine, rud, a ligean ar ~, i n~, chun dearmaid, to let s.o., sth., be forgotten, slip into oblivion. Rinne mé ~ de mo hata, I forgot (to take) my hat. Níorbh é a dhearmad gan paidir a chur leo, he didn’t forget, was sure, to say a prayer for them. Ní hé sin do dhearmad, you never forget that. Mo dhearmad! By the way! I forgot! Mo chuimhne (agus) mo dhearmad, which reminds me of what I had forgotten (to ask). Rud a fhágáil i do dhiaidh i n~, to leave sth. behind through oversight. Cion do dhearmaid ort, you may blame yourself for your negligence. Prov:~ bhean an tí ag an gcat, the cat benefits by the housewife’s negligence. 3. Omission; mistake, error. ~ a dhéanamh i rud, to make a mistake in sth. Rud a thógáil i n~, to take sth. inadvertently, by mistake. Tá ~ éigin sa scéal, there is some error, omission, in the story. Mura bhfuil ~ orm, unless I am mistaken. ~ pinn, cló, clerical, printer’s, error. (Var:dearmhad)
dearmad2, v.t. Forget; overlook, omit. Rud a dhearmad, to forget sth. Ná ~ scríobh chuige, don’t forget to write to him. Dhearmad sé na pinginí, he overlooked, omitted, the pence. (Var:dearmaid, dearmadaigh, dearmhad)
Bhain dearmad dom, I made a mistake.
Níorbh é mo cheart dearmad a dhéanamh de, I ought not to have forgotten him.
Dul ~ olcais, breoiteachta, dearmaid, to go to the bad, to get into bad health, to be forgotten.
Dearmad ~, printer’s error.
Dearmad clóscríofa, typing error.
Botún, dearmad, meancóg, a dhéanamh, to make a blunder, a mistake, a slip.
Rinne sé dearmad de, he forgot it.
~ agus dearmad, negligence and forgetfulness.
Ní ~ nó gur dearmad a bhí ann, it must have been a mistake.
Rinne mé dearmad ~ de, I clean forgot it.
~ na bréige, an dearmaid, for fear of falsehood, of mistakes.
Rud a ~ean ar cairde, ar dearmad, to let sth. be put off, forgotten.
~eadh i ndearmad (go), it was (allowed to be) forgotten (that).
I ~ ná i ndearmad, by any sort of mistake.
Mo dhearmad! I forgot!
Ó, mo dhearmad! Oh, I forgot!
Tá siad ag dul in éag, i ndearmad, they are dying out, being forgotten.
Níor dhearmad sé thú, he didn’t forget you.
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