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bain do, v.i. 1. Touch, interfere with. Ná ~ dóibh, don’t touch them. Ní bhainim dó, I don’t touch it (drink, etc.). Gan ~t dó sin, apart from that. 2. Concern, relate to. Ní bhaineann sé duit, it doesn’t concern you. Gach duine dá mbaineann duit, everybody connected with, related to, you. 3. Happen to. Bhain taisme dó, he met with an accident. Cad a bhain dó? What happened to him? Bhain amhras dó, he became suspicious. Bhain dearmad dom, I made a mistake.
Bain as do phóca é, take it out of your pocket.
Bain do rogha astu, take your choice of them.
~ do lámh as do phóca, take your hand out of your pocket.
~ greim as an arán, toit as do phíopa, take a bite of the bread, a smoke of your pipe.
~ do rogha astu, take your pick of them.
~ do shúil, do dhúil, de, cease to expect it.
Bain ~ slaite dom, cut a slip to make a rod for me.
~ ar do rothar agus bain as, get up on your bicycle and be off.
Bain tarraingt do chinn as, take a good draught of it.
Bain do chipín, cut your stick, get ready to go.
Bain an choirt de do mhuineál, scrub the dirt off your neck.
Bain do chrúcáin asam, stop pawing at me.
Bain an ~ de do bhróga, take the mud off your boots; clean, smarten, yourself up.
Bain do dhúil as, take all you want of it; satisfy your craving for it.
Is beag duine nach mbaineann ~ dó, anyone can make a mistake.
Ná bain do gheis agus ní bhainfidh ~ duit, leave forbidden things alone and they cannot harm you.
Bain an ~ as do dhroim, straighten your back.
Bain as an ~ dó é, give it to him out of the kitty; pay him off.
Bain an ~ de do shúile, open your eyes, stop fooling yourself.
Bain do ~ as, take what you need of it.
Bain do ~ astu, take your pick of them.
Bain do shásamh as, take what you want of it.
Bain ~ as do chnámha, exercise your bones.
Bain an ~ de do mhala, take the sullen look off your brow.
Bain na ~aí de do shúile, open your eyes, look alive.
Ná bain do shúil de chabhair, don’t give up hope of getting help.
Bain do tharraingt as, take what you want of it.
Bain do thoil as, take as much of it as you want.
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