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mo, poss. a. (Lenites; written m’ before vowel or fh followed by vowel) My. 1. Mo bhéal, m’anáil, m’fhocal, my mouth. my breath, my word. Mo chomhairle duit, my advice to you. 2. (In interjections) Mo léan! Woe is me! Mo thrua iad! I pity them! Mo ghrá thú! I love you! M’anam! Upon my soul! Dar mo choinsias! By my conscience! Mo dhearmad! I forgot! 3. (Indicating subject under discussion) Mo dhuine, your man, the man we are talking about. Mo Chormac breá, my brave Cormac. 4. (As object of vn.) Tá sé do mo ghortú, it is hurting me. Níl siad do m’iarraidh, they don’t want me. Lucht mo cháinte, my censurers.
~ i mo dhiaidh é, repeat it after me.
Níor ~ tú mo litir, you did not acknowledge my letter.
Admhaím mo locht, mo pheacaí, I acknowledge my fault, my sins.
Admhaím mo chreideamh, I confess, profess, my faith.
Ag seo mo chomhairle duit, here, this, is my advice to you.
Ní fhéadfainn, ~ mo dhícheall a dhéanamh, an chloch sin a thógáil, I could not lift that stone, even if I did my best.
As ~ mo dhaoine, where I miss my people.
Tá mo cheart ar m’~, I have enough to do.
~ a chonaic mé trí mo néalta, a vision I saw in my slumbers.
An ~ a bhfuil mé i mo sheasamh, the place, the spot, on which I stand.
Aithním i mo chnámha é, I feel it in my bones.
B’~ le mo chroí iad, they were my heart’s delight.
Is iomaí lá de mo chuid allais aige, I worked many a hard day for him.
Ó mo chroí ~, from the bottom of my heart.
Os mo chomhair ~, out, right, in front of me.
Tá ~ mo shúl agam, I can see, judge, for myself.
Bhain sé an t-~ as mo shúile, as an tsúil agam, (i) it dazzled me, (ii) it shocked me.
Sin é mo bhrionglóid amuigh, that explains my dream.
Mo chuid d’~ na bliana, my share of trouble for the year.
(Mo) sheacht mh’~ thú! Bravo! Well done!
Tar ~ ó mo chúl, come out from behind me.
Tá ~ ar mo chroí, my heart is weighed down, oppressed.
Tá sin ~ ar mo choinsias, that is weighing on my conscience.
Chuir sé ~ ar mo chroí, it gladdened my heart.
B’~ le mo chroí é, it gladdened my heart.
Ar an urlár, ar mo cheann, on the floor, on my head.
Ar bhonn mo bhróige, on the sole of my shoe.
Ar mo chúl, behind me.
Ar mo ghualainn, at my shoulder.
Ar mo dhícheall, doing my best.
Ar mo chuireadh, at my invitation.
Ar m’anam, ar mo choinsias, by my soul, by my conscience.
Bhí poll ar mo mhuinchille, there was a hole in my sleeve.
Tá mo tharrtháil ort, you are the only one who can rescue me.
An rud atá ar mo cheann, what is in store for me.
In ~ mo chroí, abiding in my heart.
Mo chruthaitheoir agus m’~, my creator and sovereign lord.
Níor chodail mé aréir as mo chluas, I did not sleep last night because of my (sore) ear.
Bhí ~ ar mo chroí i ndiaidh an reatha, my heart was beating fast after I had been running.
Tháinig an t-~ ar an ~ (agus tháinig mo chuid féin ormsa de), the times have changed utterly (and I have changed along with them).
Tá mé i mo bhaileabhair acu, they are exasperating me.
Bhí sé ~te ar mo bhualadh, he was bent on striking me.
~ as mo thuarastal é, deduct it from my salary.
Bhain sé an dealg as mo chos, he removed the thorn from my foot.
Bhain tú as mo bhéal é, you took the words out of my mouth.
~eadh mo chosa uaim, I was taken off my feet.
Chaill mé mo chúl ~, I lost my support, the person in whom I had most trust.
Gach ~ de mo bhaill, every member of my body.
Tá mé i mo bhall séire acu, they have got me all mixed up.
Tá mé i mo bhambairne (ag cos thinn, ó cailleadh an capall orm), I am in a predicament, frustrated (with a sore foot, since I lost my horse).
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