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seasamh could be a grammatical form of: seas »
seasamh, m. (gs. as s. -aimh, as vn. -sta).1. vn. of seas2. 2. (a) Upright position. Bheith i do sheasamh (in áit, ar rud), to be standing (in a place, on sth.). Éirí i do sheasamh, to rise to one’s feet. Tá mé i mo sheasamh ó mhaidin, I have been on my feet all day. Ní luaithe ina suí ná ina ~ í, she never takes, never gets, time to sit down. Duine a chur ina sheasamh, to set s.o. on his feet. Cuir an dréimire ina sheasamh le binn an tí, set the ladder up against the gable of the house. Fág na crainn óga ina ~, leave the young trees standing. Tá an teach ina sheasamh go fóill, the house is still standing. Tá mé ag titim as mo sheasamh, I am on the point of collapse. Leagadh as a sheasamh é, he was knocked off his feet. Ba dheas a ~ i mbróga, she carried herself beautifully. Áit seasaimh, standing-room. (b) Stationary position, wait. Bhí ~ fada orainn ag an stad bus, we had a long wait at the bus stop. D’fhág siad i mo sheasamh ansin mé, they left me standing there. Ná coinnigh an trácht ina sheasamh, don’t hold up the traffic. (c) Lastingness, endurance. Níl ~ san aimsir, the weather is not settled. Tá ~ maith sa leathar sin, that is really durable leather. (d) Resistance, defence. Tá ~ a choda ann, he is able to stand up for himself. Is dona an ~ a rinne siad, they put up a poor resistance. (e) Dependence, support. Tá ~ na tíre orthu, the country is depending on them; they are the mainstay of the country. (f) Reliance, insistence. ~ a bheith agat ar rud, to rely on sth. Is air sin atá mo sheasamh, I take my stand on that. Mo sheasamh ort! Bravo! (g) Toleration. Níl ~ ag aon duine leis, no one can put up with him. (h) Attendance. Tá sí ina ~ leo ó mhaidin go hoíche, she dances attendance on them from morning till night. (i) Status. Tá ~ maith aige i measc a mhuintire, he is a man of good standing among his people.
An ~ a bhfuil mé i mo sheasamh, the place, the spot, on which I stand.
~ seasaimh, standing room.
Thit sé as a sheasamh, he fell down, collapsed.
Tá an ~ (ina sheasamh) idir a dhá shúil, death is in his face.
2. ~ ina sheasamh, ~ gorm, dead-and-alive person.
An ~ a sheasamh, to stand up to heavy pounding; to endure hard work.
Ní raibh ionam seasamh, I was unable to stand.
Níl ina seasamh ach ~ an tí, only the walls of the house remain standing.
An ~ a sheasamh do dhuine, to see justice done to s.o.
~ lag agus nach raibh ionam seasamh, so weak that I was unable to stand.
An chleith a sheasamh, to keep a grip on one’s homestead.
Duine a choimeád sa bhaile, óna chuid oibre, ina sheasamh, to keep s.o. at home, from his work, standing.
Seasamh ar ~, to stand at the salute.
Bhí sé ina sheasamh ar mo chúl, he was standing behind me.
Seasamh ar g~, to stand back.
An ~ a sheasamh, to stay the course, to stick it out.
Seasamh go ~, to stand fast.
Ní raibh de chiall aige ach seasamh ansin, he had no more sense than to stand there.
Tá an ~ (ina sheasamh) idir a dhá shúil, there is a wicked, a roguish, look about him.
Seasamh go ~ (le duine, le rud), to stand fast (by s.o., sth.).
Seasamh ~, straight stance.
Bhí sé ina sheasamh ansin go ndearna Dia duine ~ de, he stood there until he looked like a lost soul.
Is ~ a bhí sé in ann seasamh, he was scarcely able to stand.
Seasamh sa ~, to stand in the doorway.
Tá an ~ (ina sheasamh) istigh ann, he has a wicked nature; he is full of devilment.
~ i do sheasamh, stand up.
~acht i do shuí, i do sheasamh, to remain sitting, standing.
D’fhiúntas a sheasamh, to stand one’s round (of drink).
An ~ a sheasamh, to stand one’s ground.
Ní raibh seasamh an fhóid iontu, they were unable to stand up for themselves.
~ a sheasamh (ar dhuine), to garrison oneself, defend oneself against encroachment (by s.o.).
~ a sheasamh, to stand guard, sentinel.
Seasamh go ~ díreach, to stand up straight.
Seasamh ar ghualainn duine, to stand at s.o.’s shoulder, side by side with s.o.
Bheith i do luí, i do shuí, i do sheasamh, to be lying, sitting, standing.
Bhí siad ina seasamh in ~ an uisce, they were standing at the water’s edge.
Tá sé chomh maith agat suí le seasamh, you may as well sit as stand.
Seasamh, imeacht, ar leathchois, to stand, hop along, on one leg.
D’éirigh siad de ~ ina seasamh, they sprang to their feet.
Ag seasamh na honóra, keeping up appearances.
Ag seasamh na honóra le chéile, standing on ceremony with each other; vying with each other.
~adh i do shuí, i do sheasamh, to sit, stand, up suddenly.
Bhí siad ina seasamh ina ~anna, they were standing in rows.
A ~ duit suí nó seasamh, (i) you may sit or stand as you please, (ii) whether you sit or stand.
~amh díreach, go socair, to stand straight, still.
~amh ar an urlár, le balla, to stand on the floor, against a wall.
Tabhair orthu ~amh ina rang, make them stand in a row.
~amh suas, ar do chosa, to stand up, on one’s feet.
Tá sí ag ~amh na hóige, she is keeping her youthful appearance.
Is maith atá tú á sheasamh, you are wearing your years well.
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