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gadhar, m. (gs. & npl. -air, gpl. ~).1. ~ (fiaigh), (hunting) dog, harrier, beagle, ~ gunna, gun dog. ~ gairid, gearr, mongrel (collie). Bheith ar chuid an ghadhair bhig, to be on short rations. S.a. lorg15. 2. Cur. S.a. bod14.
Ní fhaca mé é le h~ duine, le h~ gadhair, I haven’t seen him for a lifetime.
Bhí na gadhair asam, the dogs were pestering me.
~ gadhair, cuckoo-pint.
~ gadhar, dog-fight.
~ de ghadhair fiaigh, couple of hunting dogs.
Ag lorg an ghadhair is gan tásc a dhatha agat, doing something without knowing what it is about.
Madra, gadhar, fiaigh, sporting dog.
~ gadhar, cry of hounds.
~ gadhair, beagle’s cry.
Gadhair ag ~, dogs giving tongue.
Gadhar ~, wire-haired dog.
~ gadhar, the cry of beagles.
Chuir sé an gadhar linn, he set the dog at us.
~ ghadhair, dog’s tongue.
~feadh sé na gadhair fúinn, he would set the dogs at us.
5. Cú, gadhar, loirg, tracker dog.
Chuir an gadhar ~ air féin, the dog set, pointed.
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