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gol could be a grammatical form of: goil »
gol, m. (gs. goil). 1. vn. of goil1. 2. Weeping, crying. Racht goil a chur díot, to have a fit of crying. Bhris a ~ uirthi, she burst into tears. Ní fada óna ghol a gháire, his moods change rapidly. (Var:gs. ~a1)
2. ~ bróin, goil, excess of grief, of weeping.
Ag gáire, ag gol, le h~, laughing, crying, for joy.
Níor ~eadh fúithi ach ag gol, she could not be stopped from crying.
Ag gol go ~, crying softly.
Ag gol go ~, crying softly, tearfully.
~ chun gáire, goil, quick to laugh, cry.
Bhris an gol uirthi, she broke into tears.
Ag gol is ag ~, crying and complaining.
Ag gol go ~, weeping bitterly.
~ gháire, ghoil, laughing, crying, matter.
Níl ~í goil, feirge, agat, you have nothing to weep, to be angry, about.
Ag gol go ~, weeping intensely.
~ gáire gol, laughter brings tears.
Ag gol i n~ a dearthár, weeping over the loss of her brother.
~ ag gol ~ ag gáire, weeping and laughing by turns.
Lig sé ~ ghoil as, he burst out crying.
Ag gol go ~, weeping bitterly.
Ghoil sí ~, she wept profusely.
Ag gol go goirt agus go ~, weeping loudly and bitterly.
Tá gol a n~ acu anois, the laugh is against them now.
Ag gol go ~, weeping bitterly.
Ag gol go cráite, weeping bitterly.
Ag gol na ndeor, shedding tears.
Ghoil sí uisce a cinn, she cried her heart out.
Ag gol ar na mairbh, os cionn na marbh, weeping over the dead.
Bheith ag gol i ndiaidh duine, to lament after s.o.
~ goil, sobbing voice.
agus) Tháinig sí chugam agus í ag gol, she came to me (and she) crying.
Léasáin ghoil, tear-stains.
Gol is ~, weeping and wailing.
Ag gol in áit na maoiseoige, crying when it is too late.
~ an chaointe, an ghoil (i nglór), sobbing note (in voice).
Ag gol is ag ~, weeping and wailing.
~ ghoil, sobbing.
~ goil, fit of weeping.
Phléasc an gol air, he burst into tears.
2. ~ (ghoil), (act of) blubbering, whimpering.
~ gáire, goil, fit of laughter, of crying.
Ar ~ gol, on the point of crying.
Ag ~ goil, weeping with stifled sobs.
Ag gol go ~, weeping piteously.
~ ghoil, cause of weeping.
Ag ~ goil, crying copiously.
~ goil, fit of weeping (from disappointment, indignity).
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