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leas could be a grammatical form of: lea »
leas1, m. (gs. ~a).1. Good, well-being, benefit, interest. (a)Do ~ a dhéanamh, to do what is good for oneself. Duine a chur ar a ~, ar bhealach a ~a, to set s.o. on the right course. Comhairle a ~a a thabhairt do dhuine, to give s.o. good advice. Lena ~ a rinne mé é, I did it for his own good. Ní le do ~ atá siad, they are not working in your interest. Is é do ~ é, it is to your advantage. B’fhéidir gurb é lár a ~a é, it may be all for his good. Níor tháinig lá dá ~ ach é, it was the best thing that could happen him. Tá do ~ romhat (agus go mbeire tú air), your fortune lies before you (and may you catch up with it). Níl a fhios aige cá bhfuil a ~, he doesn’t know where his interest lies. Bíodh sé le mo ~ nó le m’aimhleas, whether it be the making or the unmaking of me. Go gcuire Dia ar do ~ thú, God grant that you do what is best. Má tá do ~ ar Dhia, if you want God’s guidance. ~ an anama, the good of the soul. ~ na tíre, the good of the country. ~ an phobail, the common good. (b)~ a bhaint as rud, to benefit by sth.; to put sth. to account, to avail oneself of sth. (c) (In phrase) (Ní)ligim a ~ (rud a dhéanamh), I (do not) need (to do sth.). 2. Manure, fertilizer. ~ a chur ar thalamh, to manure land. Tá sé ag déanamh ~a don talamh, it is enriching the soil. ~ farraige, seaweed manure. ~ ceimiceach, chemical fertilizer.
leas3, m = lios.
leas4, f = leis1.
leas-2, pref. 1. Vice-, deputy. 2. Step-. 3. By-. ~ainm, by-name, nickname.
Rud a chur le leas d’~a, to do something for the good of one’s soul.
Dá mbeadh ~ do leasa fút, if you wished to do what was good for you.
Duine a chur ar bhealach a leasa, a aimhleasa, to advise s.o. for his own good, to lead s.o. astray.
Tar éis gach ~ a aithnímid ár leas, we learn when it is too late.
Ná cuir do leas ar ~, don’t let opportunity slip from you.
Rinne tú ~ do leasa, you consulted your own interest, acted on good advice.
Ag cuimhneamh ar a leas féin atá sé, he is consulting his own interest.
Chuir sé chun a leasa féin é, he used it for his own benefit.
Rachadh sé le leas na tíre, ~ leo, it would benefit the country, in their opinion.
An rud is doilí le duine ná a bhás (b’fhéidir gurb é lár a leasa é), what one thinks to be a fate worse than death (may be a blessing in disguise).
D’fhág sé le leas a chlainne é, he left it for the benefit of his children.
Gruáin i leas, gritty lumps in fertilizer.
Le leas na tíre, for the good of the country.
Is ~ dó cad tá lena leas, he knows what is good for him.
Ar leas agus ar ~ dóibh, of benefit and good augury for them.
An rud is measa le duine ná a bhás b’fhéidir gurb é lár a leasa é, what one regards as a fate worse than death may be all for one’s good.
~ a leas, I need to.
Duine a sheoladh ar bhealach a leasa, to guide s.o. along the right road.
Is é ~ mo leasa é, it is the right course for me to take.
Ag smaoineamh ar a leas féin atá sé, he is consulting his own interest.
Tharraing sé ar bhealach a leasa, a slánaithe, iad, he set them on the right course, on the path of salvation.
Leas na ~e, the good of the country.
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