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doiligh, a. (gsm. ~, gsf., npl. & comp. -lí).1. Hard, difficult. Rud ~, difficult thing. ~ a dhéanamh, hard to do. Is ~ caint a bhaint as, it is hard to make him talk. Is ~ leis imeacht, he is reluctant to go. Is ~ liom sin a chreidiúint, I find it hard to believe that. Is ~ liom a rá leat, it pains me to say it to you. Is ~ dó obair a fháil, it is hard for him to get work. 2. Hard to bear, distressing. An rud is doilí le duine ná a bhás (b’fhéidir gurb é lár a leasa é), what one thinks to be a fate worse than death (may be a blessing in disguise). S.a. dán15. 3. (Of person) Hard to deal with; difficult, intractable. (Var:gsf., npl. & comp. doilghe; comp. doilgheacha)
Is doiligh ~ a bhaint as a chuid cainte, it is hard to make sense out of what he says.
Is doiligh cuid de na daoine a athrú, it is difficult to move, influence, some people.
Is doiligh é a bhaint, it is hard to get him to talk, to annoy him.
Is doiligh ciall a bhaint as, it is hard to make sense of it.
Is doiligh iad a thabhairt chun cinn, it is hard to bring them on. (Of abscess, crisis, etc.)
Is doiligh ~ a bhaint de, it is hard to deal with him.
Is doiligh ceann catach a chíoradh, it is hard to comb a curly head, to smooth away difficulties.
Is doiligh lacha fhiáin a chló, it is hard to domesticate a wild duck.
An rud atá sa chnámh (is doiligh a bhaint as an bhfeoil), what is bred in the bone (is difficult to get rid of).
Is doiligh ~ maith a fháil do dhrochbhuanaí, a bad workman quarrels with his tools.
Ba é an ~ doiligh leis imeacht, he bemoaned his fate that he had to go, was most reluctant to go.
Is doiligh dealú eatarthu, it is hard to differentiate between them.
Is doiligh comhaireamh a choinneáil le ~, it is hard to keep count in single play.
Is doiligh ~ a mharú, ‘it is hard to kill a bad thing’.
Is doiligh an scrúdú sin a fháil, it is hard to get that examination.
Is doiligh muir is tír a fhreastal, it is hard to cope with all contingencies.
Tá sé ~ doiligh a dhéanamh, it is very hard to do.
Is doiligh a bheith ~ lá mar seo, it is hard to be confined to the house on a day like this.
Is doiligh léamh ar intinn mná, it is hard to judge a woman’s mind.
Is doiligh ~ a bhaint de ghabhar, it is hard to get blood out of a stone.
Is doiligh ~ daoibh uile, it is hard to provide for all of you.
Is doiligh ríochan leo, it is hard to put up with them.
Is doiligh ~adh le slaghdán, it is hard to get rid of a cold.
Is doiligh an obair a sheasamh, the work is hard to endure.
Is doiligh ~ a dhéanamh, it is hard to do this.
Is doiligh an tír a shocrú faoi láthair, it is hard to bring settled conditions to the country at present.
Is doiligh dul taobh ~ den argóint sin, it is hard to get around that argument.
Is doiligh na céimeanna sin a thógáil, those steps are hard to climb.
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