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loc1, m. (gs. & npl. loic, gpl. ~).Hyd.E: Lock. ~ canála, canal lock.
loc2, m. (gs. & npl. loic, gpl. ~).Location.
loc3, v.t. (pp. ~tha). 1. Pen, enclose, shut in. Caoirigh a ~adh, to fold sheep. Duine a ~adh i gcoirnéal, to pen s.o. in a corner. Coirpeach a ~adh, to round up a criminal. Uisce a ~adh, to impound water. ~tha isteach, closed, hemmed, in. ~ isteach! (to sheep, geese) Get inside! 2. Leave in enclosed space; park. Carr a ~adh, to park a car. Tá na báid ~tha sa chuan inniu, the boats are tied up in the harbour today. 3. (With ar) Press (on). Bia a ~adh ar dhuine, to press food on s.o.
loc4, v.t. (vn. ~adh, m, gs. & pp. ~tha).Pluck. Olann a ~adh, to pluck wool. Tá an lao ag ~adh na bó, the calf is plucking at the cow’s udder.
loc5, m = loca1.
loc6 = loic1.
Ná bíodh sé le rá leat gur loic tú, let it not be cast up to you that you defaulted.
Níor loic sé riamh ~ orm, he has never failed me before.
loic, uisce, sluice-valve, floodgate.
Ná loic más ~ duit, if you must do it, then don’t fail at it.
~ nó dada, ~ nó loic, all-or-none.
~ caorach, sheep-fold.
~ carranna, car-park.
~ gruaige, lock of hair.
~ olla, lock of wool; wad (of wool).
~ caorach, penning of sheep.
~ bó, rounding up of cattle.
An áit a raibh ~ orthu, where they were penned in.
~ carranna, car-parking.
Rud a chur mar ~ ar dhuine, to press sth. on s.o.
~ sé an troid, he shirked the fight.
Nuair a tháinig air ~ sé, when it came to the test he funked it.
~ sé roimh an obair, he jibbed at the work.
~ an capall roimh an gclaí, the horse balked at the fence.
~ a shláinte, his health broke down.
~ an t-inneall, the engine stalled.
Loic ~ orm, you let me down.
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