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loch, m. (gs. ~a, pl. ~anna).1. Lake. (a)~ sáile, sea-water lake, lagoon. ~ salainn, salt lake. ~ goirt, bitter lake. (b) Pool. ~ uisce, fola, pool of water, of blood. Tá an áit ina ~, the place is flooded. (c) (Body of) water. Dul faoi ~, to become submerged, to sink. Chuir sé a cheann faoi ~, he dipped his head in the water. Bheith faoi ~, to be submerged; Fig: to be sunk in debt. 2. (a) Arm of the sea, lough, fiord. (b) Sea. Dul thar ~ amach, to leave by sea, to cross the sea. Thug sé an ~ amach air féin, he went overseas, emigrated. Cuireadh an ~ amach iad, they were banished beyond the sea. S.a. fadaigh1. 3. Med: Bubo. ~ ascaille, bhléine, glandular swelling in armpit, in groin. (Var:npl. ~a, gpl. ~; f)
Taobh ~ den loch, on this side of the lake.
~ an uisce sa loch, sa bhairille, the level of the water in the lake, in the barrel.
~ sa pháirc, ar an loch, out in the field, on the lake.
Tá bric ar an loch sin, there are trout in that lake.
Ar bhruach an locha, on the brink, edge, of the lake.
~ locha, lower end, outlet, of lake.
~ abhann, locha, head of river, of lake.
~ locha, lake shore.
(Loch) ~, tarn.
Ar ~ an locha, on the margin of the lake.
Ag fadú tine faoi loch, doing something to no purpose.
Chuaigh an long ~ loch, the ship went down.
Nuair a ghabhfas an loch faoi duit, when the lake comes under your view.
~ abhann, locha, bed of river, of lake.
1. ~ (uisce) abhann, locha, river, lake, fish; freshwater fish.
D’~ sé an loch gan eathar, he passed over the lake without a boat.
~ locha, fall of lake.
~ locha, little grebe, dabchick.
Ar ~ Loch Éirne, on the broad part of Lough Erne.
Loch, bairille, neascóid, a ~ean, to drain a lake, a barrel, an abscess.
~í locha, water-lilies.
Loch ~, salt-water lake.
Lochanna ~a, beaded lakes.
~ lochanna, chain of lakes.
Ag ~ an locha, at the side of the lake.
Taobh ~ den loch, beyond the lake.
Ar thóin an locha, na farraige, at the bottom of the lake, of the sea.
2. ~ (locha, abhann), eruption (of lake, of river).
~ na Cruaiche, Loch Dearg, a dhéanamh, to go on a pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick, to Lough Derg.
Os ~ an locha, above the shore of the lake.
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