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luath1, a1. 1. Quick, fast, speedy. Each ~, swift horse. Fear ~ láidir, strong and active man. Breith ~ lochtach, hasty and rash judgment. Chomh ~ le giorria, as fleet as a hare. 2. Early, soon. Éirí ~, early rising. Earrach ~, an early spring. Go ~ ar maidin, early in the morning. Is ~ liom é, it is rather early, rather soon, for me. Is ~ liom a thiocfaidh sé, he will come too soon for me, I’d prefer he didn’t come. ~ nó mall, early or late, sooner or later. Is fearr go ~ ná go mall, better early than late. Chomh ~ is is féidir, as soon as possible. Chomh ~ géar is a tháinig sé, as soon as ever he came. Ní luaithe thall ná abhus é, he is no sooner here than there. Níor luaithe ráite agam é (ná), I had no sooner said it (than). Ba luaithe a ligfinn leis na madraí é, I’d sooner let the dogs have it. 3. Fickle. Intinn ~, fickle mind.
luath2 = luathaigh.
luath3-, pref. Prot(o)-
D’aithin mé é chomh luath ~ a chonaic mé é, I recognized him as soon as I saw him.
An t-~ luath, nua, summer-time.
Tá tú luath, rud ab ~ leat, you are early, which is seldom the case with you.
Ní luaithe ~ ná anall é, he is forever changing course, vacillating.
Is fada ón luaith an ~, there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.
~ luatha, ash-bin.
~ luatha, scattering of ashes.
~ luath, mall, a bit soon, late.
Cá luaithe a thiocfaidh sé? How soon will he come?
~ na luatha (buí), (i) sit-by-the-fire, (ii) cinderella.
~ na luatha, cricket.
~ teallaigh, ~ an iarta, ~ (na) luatha, sit-by-the-fire.
~ luatha, sit-by-the-fire
~ luatha, ash-heap.
~ na luatha (buí), cinderella.
~ luath agus is féidir, as soon as possible.
~ luatha, ghainimh, ash-, sand-, pit.
Luath i g~, fleet of foot.
~ na luatha, chimney-corner.
Chomh luath in Éirinn (agus is féidir leat), as soon as ever (you can).
~ luath, early rising.
Luath in ~, fast-galloping, fast-moving, lively.
D’fhág sé go luath, he left early.
Chomh luath is is ~ liom, as soon as I can.
Tá sé luath ~, it is early yet.
Chomh luath ~ is a tháinig sé, as soon as ever he came.
Chomh luath is a fuaireamar an ~, as soon as we got word.
Tá sé ina luaith agat, you have reduced it to ashes.
~ na luath, sit-by-the-fire.
Ní thiocfaidh siad ~ luath go leor, they won’t come half soon enough.
Luath ~, quick and accurate.
Na ~a luatha, people showing early greyness.
An ~ luath, early greyness.
~eann luath léir, speed is not conducive to accuracy.
~ adhmaid, mhóna, ghuail, wood-, turf-, coal-, ash.
~ bhuí, bhán, yellow, white, ashes; dead ashes.
~ a dhéanamh de rud, to reduce sth. to ashes.
Ar dhath na luatha, ash-coloured, ashen.
Bheith sáite sa ~, to be stuck in the ashes, to be a sit-by-the-fire.
Ó ~ go ~, ashes to ashes.
Níl a ~ ná a láithreach ann, there is not a trace of it to be found.
Ar a ~, at the earliest; first thing.
Cá ~? How soon?
Dá ~, however fast.
Dá ~ is ea is fearr é, the sooner the better.
A ~ a fuair sé é, as soon as he got it.
Ní beag a ~, it will come soon enough.
~ is luaith a dhéanamh de rud, to grind sth. to dust.
Níor luaithe istigh ~ amuigh é, he was no sooner in than out.
~ luatha, ash-pit.
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