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Bhí sé sásta ~ an leithscéal sin a ghabháil leis, he was satisfied when that excuse was offered to him.
Ní gan ~ a gheall sé é, his offer was not unreserved.
Níor fhiafraigh siad díom an raibh ~ orm, they offered me nothing to eat or drink.
Níl an tairiscint sin as ~ ar chor ar bith, that offer is not at all unreasonable.
Tá do rogha ar do bhos agat, you have been made an offer; you have your choice.
Na cineáltais a rinne siad orm, the kindnesses they showed me; the good things they offered me.
~ Aifrinn, Mass offering, honorarium.
Ní gnách cath gan chomha, it is not usual to fight without offering terms of peace.
Tá do chuid is do bhuíochas (do chlú, d’oineach) agat, ‘you have your meat and your manners,’ thanks for your offer.
Paidir a chur suas, to offer up a prayer.
Is túisce ~ ná scéal, one should offer a drink before asking for news.
Tairiscint dheonach, free offer.
Rud a thabhairt, a thairiscint, a thaispeáint, do dhuine, to give, offer, show, sth. to s.o.
Níor dhoicheallaigh sé nuair a tairgeadh an t-airgead dó, he did not show unwillingness to accept when offered the money.
~ a thairiscint, to offer a reward, a prize.
Rud a fhágáil le d’anam, to leave sth. to be offered for one’s soul.
(ar, on); commend, offer
~aim leat, I accept your offer, your challenge.
Bhí ~ re leithscéal aige, he offered all sorts of excuses.
Comhairle, tairiscint, a ghlacadh, to take advice, an offer.
~ Aifrinn, Mass offering.
~ a ofráil; rud a ofráil mar ~, to offer a sacrifice, to offer (up) sth. as a sacrifice.
~ loiscthe, burnt offering.
Ní thabharfainn don mhadra é, I wouldn’t offer it to a dog.
Tairg an ~ seo air, offer so much for it.
Níor ~ leis pingin a thairiscint dom, he had the effrontery to offer me a penny.
Toisc ~ tairgeadh dom é, because it was not offered to me.
Bia, tairiscint, a ~adh, to refuse food, an offer.
~ altaithe, thank-offering.
~ mhóideach, votive offering.
Íobairt, paidir, a ~, to offer a sacrifice, a prayer.
Rud a ~ do dhuine, to offer sth. to s.o.
Níl sé ~ den tairiscint, he is not pleased with the offer.
~ baithise, baptismal offering.
Do lámh a shíneadh chuig duine, to proffer one’s hand to s.o.; to extend a helping hand to s.o.; to offer s.o. a tip.
~ airgid, money offering.
Is ~ an tairiscint é, it is a miserable offer.
Dul i d~ ar dhuine, to offer support to s.o.; to go security for s.o.
Rud a thairiscint do dhuine, to offer sth. to s.o.
Thairg sé punt air, he offered a pound for it.
Thairg sé cuidiú liom, he offered to help me.
Má thairgeann siad iostas na hoíche dúinn, if they offer us accommodation for the night.
Cath a thairiscint, to offer battle.
Thairg sé rás a rith liom, he offered to run a race with me.
Ná bí ag tairiscint troda dá gcastar duit, don’t be offering to fight everybody you meet.
Thug sé ~ mhaith dom air, he made me a good offer for it.
Ní bhfuair mé ar mo thairiscint é, my offer for it was not accepted.
~ ar obair, offer of work.
~ chúnta, offer to help.
Dul faoi thásc duine, to offer condolences on the death of s.o.
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