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deoch1, f. (gs. dí, pl. ~anna). 1. Drink; draught, potion. ~ a ól, to take a drink. ~ a thabhairt do dhuine, to give s.o. a drink. ~ uisce, bhainne, leanna, drink of water, of milk, of ale. ~ mheisciúil, intoxicating drink. ~ leighis, healing potion. ~ shláinte, pick-me-up. ~ chodlata, ~ shuain, sleeping-draught. ~ dhearmaid, (mythical) drink of forgetfulness. ~ an dorais, stirrup-cup. D’aon ~, at a draught. ~ a ól ar dhuine, to drink a toast to s.o. Ól na dí seirbhe a thabhairt ar rud, to face up to an unpleasant situation, to get a disagreeable task over and done with. Lucht dí, drinkers. Prov:Is túisce ~ ná scéal, one should offer a drink before asking for news. Ar ~, in one’s cups. 2. Quantity of liquid; infusion, wash. ~ a chur faoi rud, to immerse sth.; to cover sth. with colouring or washing liquid. ~ óir a chur faoi mhiotal, to wash a metal with gold. Chuir sí ~ den chorcair faoin éadach, she immersed the cloth in purple dye. Nuair a fuair na fréamhacha trí dheoch den Aibreán, when three April showers had infused the roots. (Var:npl. ~a, gpl. ~)
deoch2, v.t. 1. Immerse, cover with liquid. 2. (In phrase) Ag ~adh agus ag pógadh a chéile, smothering each other with kisses.
Cad a déarfá le deoch? What would you say to a drink?
Bíodh deoch agat! Have a drink!
Deoch altaithe, drink at end of meal.
Deoch an fear, a drink for each man.
Deoch a ól ar a h~, to take a drink neat.
3. ~ (dí), measure (of drink).
Ní fhágfaidh tú ~ na háite go n-óla tú deoch, you will not stir from where you are until you take a drink.
~ agus deoch, food and drink.
Rinne an deoch ~ dó, the drink cured him, made him feel better.
Bia, deoch, a bhlaiseadh, to taste, sample, food, drink.
Ag ~ ar bhia, ar dheoch, testing food, drink, on lips.
Deoch a ól ar a ~, to take a drink neat.
Ba mhór an ~ an t-airgead, an deoch, air, the money, the drink, softened, sweetened, him a lot.
Bhí an deoch ag ~ chuige, the drink was beginning to affect him.
~ dí, drunken rage.
Deoch bhorb, strong, harsh, drink.
Bhain tú an bhrí as an deoch, you over-diluted the drink.
Deoch bhríomhar, potent drink.
~ dí, a quantity of drink.
~ dí, tobac, drinker, smoker.
Bia, deoch, a chaitheamh, to take food, drink.
Deoch chaoin, smooth drink.
Níl greim ná deoch faoi chaolach an tí acu, they haven’t a bite nor a sup in the house.
~ dí ar dhuine, withholding of drink from s.o.
Deoch chineálta, mild drink.
Bia, deoch, ar ~, food, drink, on table.
D’éirigh an deoch sa chloigeann aige, the drink went to his head.
Bia, deoch, a choinneáil le duine, to keep s.o. supplied with food, with drink.
~ dí, voracious drinking.
Deoch chroíúil, heart-warming drink.
12. Deoch chrua, drink of strong spirits.
Deoch a ól ~, to take a drink neat.
~ amach deoch dó, pour out a drink for him.
Bia, deoch, purgóid, a chur siar ar dhuine, to force food, drink, medicine, on s.o.
Deoch a chur thart, to pass round a drink.
Deoch a chumasc, to compound a drink.
dí, round of drinks.
~ dí, serving of drink.
Bia, deoch, a dháileadh ar dhuine, to serve food, drink, to s.o.
Tabhair ~ dí dó, give him a drop to drink.
Bhí ~ bia agus dí ann, there were lashings of food and drink.
Thug sé ~ póg di, he smothered her with kisses.
~ do dheoch is beidh tart ort, [’spill your drink and you will thirst’, wilful waste makes woeful want.
Tá ~ dí, airgid, aige, he has lashings of drink, of money.
~ dí, acerbity of drink.
~ i ndeoch, hankering for drink.
Is meisciúil an deoch é (an poitín), it (poteen) is a very intoxicating drink.
Deoch ~, light drink.
D’~ an deoch ina cheann, the drink went to his head.
Bhí an deoch ag ~adh air, the drink was taking effect on him.
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