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Cealg a bheartú, to plot treachery.
Ag cothú ceilge, creating mischief, hatching a plot.
Bheith i g~, ag ~, duine, to plot against s.o.
Ag cumadh ~e, plotting rebellion.
~ ceilge, secret plotting.
Ag ~adh ceilge, hatching a plot.
Cealg a inleadh, to plot treachery.
1. ~ (talún), plot of land.
Na pointí a mharcáil, to plot the points.
~ (talaimh), patch, plot, of ground.
Ag ~ eatarthu féin, planning, plotting, among themselves.
1. ~ scéil, plot of story.
~ a dhéanamh ar dhuine, to plot against s.o.
Cuar a rianú, to plot a curve.
~ graif, plotting of graph.
~ ceilge, treacherous intent, plot.
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