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seas ar, v.i. 1. Depend, rely on. ~amh ar do shláinte, to depend on one’s health (to enable one to continue working). Níl agam le seasamh air ach corrlá oibre, I have nothing to rely on but an odd day’s work. 2. Hold by, insist upon, maintain. ~amh ar argóint, ar ráiteas, to stand by an argument, by a statement. ~aim air (go), I maintain (that).
Seas, suigh, luigh, ar, stand, sit, lie, on.
Seasamh ar ~, to stand at the salute.
Seasamh ar g~, to stand back.
Seasamh ar ghualainn duine, to stand at s.o.’s shoulder, side by side with s.o.
Seasamh, imeacht, ar leathchois, to stand, hop along, on one leg.
~amh ar an urlár, le balla, to stand on the floor, against a wall.
Tabhair orthu ~amh ina rang, make them stand in a row.
~amh suas, ar do chosa, to stand up, on one’s feet.
~ ar do bhoinn féin, stand on your own feet.
Ná ~ ar mo ladhar, don’t stand on my toe.
Bhí ~ fada orainn ag an stad bus, we had a long wait at the bus stop.
Tá ~ na tíre orthu, the country is depending on them; they are the mainstay of the country.
~ a bheith agat ar rud, to rely on sth.
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