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Seans gur foirm é ligean de: lig »
ligean, m. (gs. as s. -gin, as vn. -gthe). 1. vn. of lig. 2. (a) Letting, releasing, extending, casting. ~ fola, cuisle, letting of blood, of vein. ~ uisce, abhann, draining of water, of river. ~ cneá, méire, lancing of wound, of finger. ~ téide, paying out of rope. ~ cú, slipping of greyhound. ~ diúracán, casting of missiles. ~ talún, letting of land. (b) Freedom of movement; play, scope; stretch, extension. ~ i dtéad, i roth, play in rope, in wheel. ~ a thabhairt do rud, to let sth. run, extend, freely. An ~ a thabhairt isteach, to take up the slack. Duine a bhfuil ~ ann, person who moves easily; loose-limbed person. ~ a thabhairt do dhuine, to allow s.o. freedom of movement, scope; to give s.o. a head start. ~ reatha, running start; run-in (before jump). Is iontach an ~ atá faoi, (i) he, it, runs very freely, (ii) he is very free-spoken, vivacious. Dá mbeadh orlach de ~, ~ orlaigh, aige, if it had an inch of play. Tá barraíocht ligin agaibh, you get too much of your own way. ~ sciathán, wing-stretch. (c)Ar ~, free in movement, running freely. Tá an teanga ar ~ aici, she lets her tongue wag. Bíonn an citeal ar ~ acu, they keep the kettle on the boil. Tá sé ar ~ chun cainte, he is ready to talk freely, has an urge to speak. 3. (a)~amach, Letting, giving, out; release, discharge, emission, extension. ~ amach rúin, disclosure of secret. ~ amach feirge, venting of anger. Má tá sé chomh maith lena ~ amach, if he is as good as he sets himself up to be. (b)~ aníos, anuas, isteach, seepage, drippage, leakage. ~ faoi, subsidence. ~ chugat is uait, give-and-take. (c)~ ort, pretence.
~ a chur i, a ligean as, rud, to inflate, deflate, sth.
Rud a ligean ~, sa dul ~, to let sth. go to waste.
~ a ligean amach, to exhale breath.
An t-~ a bhaint, a ligean, a thógáil, to weigh anchor.
Duine a ligean amach ar ~í, to release s.o. on bail.
~ a ligean, to let a yell.
~ a ligean, to chirp.
Rud a ligean uait ar ~, to let sth. go easily, foolishly.
Rud a fhágáil, a ligean, ar ~, to lose sth. through absent-mindedness.
Is ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I like to rest myself.
~ marbh a ligean in obair, to slack at work.
~ a ligean, to bellow.
~ a thabhairt do dhuine, a ligean le duine, to give s.o. an advantage.
Rud a ligean ar ~, to let sth. fall into disuse, disappear; to neglect sth.
Do rámhaí a ligean le ~, to ship one’s oar.
Is olc an ~ nach fiú fead a ligean air, ‘it is a poor hound that is not worth whistling for’, anything is better than nothing.
Bó a ligean ó dháir, to let a cow go past her heat.
Duine, rud, a ligean ar ~, i n~, chun dearmaid, to let s.o., sth., be forgotten, slip into oblivion.
Rud a ligean chun deiridh, to let sth. into arrears, to neglect sth.
Ordú, comhairliú, ligean, do dhuine rud a dhéanamh, to order, counsel, allow, s.o. to do sth.
Ligean le do dhroim, to lean back; to take things easy.
~ agus cairde a ligean le duine, to give s.o. time and respite.
~ a chur, a ligean, asat, to moan.
Rud a ligean in ~, to put off, neglect, sth. (Gan faillí)
Rud a ligean i bh~, to let sth. get abroad; to let sth. remain long undone.
An fhaill a ligean thart, to let an opportunity pass.
Rud a ligean ar ~, to let sth. go neglected, to loss.
~ a ligean i rud, to let sth. be neglected.
~ a dhéanamh, a ligean, a chur (ar, le), to whistle (to, at).
Níl aige ach ~ a ligean ort, you are at his beck and call.
Talamh a ligean chun féir, to let land out into grass.
le) Ní ~ liom mo scíth a ligean, I feel I must rest.
Ligean do rud dul sa fhraoch ort, to let oneself become confused about sth.
Gnó a ligean i bh~, to let an affair lose interest, be neglected.
~ a ligean i rud, to let enthusiasm for sth. wane.
~ a ligean, ~ a bhaint as duine, to let blood, to bleed s.o.
Ag ligean mine amach ar ~, giving out meal on credit (with interest to be charged).
~ (mholta) a ligean, to give a cheer.
An ghaoth a bhaint, a ligean, as rud, to deflate sth.
An ghaoth a ligean trí rud, to let the air penetrate, to ventilate, sth.
Caithfear an ghaoth a ligean tríd an scéal, the matter must be aired.
Ná bí ag ligean geáitsí ort féin, don’t be showing off.
Do gheall a ligean le duine, to let s.o. get the better of you.
~ a ligean, to low, to bellow, to trumpet.
~ a ligean, to cheep, chirrup.
~ a chur, a ligean, asat, to call, cry out.
3. Braon a ligean le do ghrásta, to take a drop as a favour, a kindly drop.
Faillí a ligean i rud, to neglect sth.
D’~ a ligean le duine, to let s.o. know what is in your mind.
An ~ a ligean le duine, to let s.o. carry the day.
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