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aird could be a grammatical form of: ard »
aird1, f. (gs. & pl. ~e). Direction, point (of compass). ~ na gaoithe, the direction of the wind. As an ~ aniar, from the west. As gach ~, from all directions. As ceithre hairde an domhain, na cruinne, from the four quarters of the earth. As cúig hairde na hÉireann, from the five corners, from all parts, of Ireland. San ~ sin, in that direction. San ~ ó dheas, in the south, southwards. Sna ceithre hairde (fichead), in all directions. Lá sna naoi n-airde, once in a blue moon. Ní bhfaigheadh an diabhal ~ air, he is always on the alert, the devil himself couldn’t take him at a disadvantage.
aird2, f. (gs. ~e).1. Attention. ~ a thabhairt ar rud, to pay attention to sth. Ná tabhair ~ air, don’t heed him. Níl ~ aige ar a chuid oibre, he is not attentive to his work. Ní orm atá ~ aige, a ~, he is not minding me. Dá mbeadh ~ aici ar na páistí, if she cared for the children. Níl ar a ~ ach é, it is his sole interest. Duine gan ~, heedless person; unheeded person. Focal gan ~, insignificant statement. Na blianta gan ~, the forgotten years. Ag imeacht gan ~, wandering aimlessly. 2. Notice, mention. Fianaise a thabhairt ar ~, to adduce evidence. Doiciméad a thabhairt ar ~, to produce a document. Uacht a chur ar ~, to propound a will.
aird4 :ard1.
aird-3, prefix = ard-3
Léim a thabhairt (in airde) san ~, to jump into the air.
Thuas, in airde, san ~, up in the air.
~ an chrainn, an chnoic, the height of the tree, of the hill.
Fiche troigh ar ~, twenty feet in height.
Ó bhí an ~ sin ionam, since I was that high.
Tá an bheirt acu ar aon ~, they are both the same height.
Tá sé in ~ crainn, he is as tall as a tree.
Fear de d’~, a man of your inches.
~ na gréine, the altitude of the sun.
~ an uisce sa loch, sa bhairille, the level of the water in the lake, in the barrel.
An ~, people in high places; the nobility.
As an taobh, an aird, ~, from the western side, direction.
Tá siad ar ~ dath, ar ~ airde, le chéile, they are both the same colour, height.
ar muir, ar cíos, ar cosa in airde, on sea, rented, galloping. In qualified or particularized references it lenites, e.g.
Ar fad, ar leithead, ar airde, ar doimhneacht, ar tiús, in length, breadth, height, depth, thickness.
An luach is airde, the highest price.
An Té is Airde, the Most High.
As gach aird, from all directions. (Distance)
Is ~ aird atá agaibh orm, you pay little attention to me.
Bheith bliain d’aois, troigh ar airde, slat ar fad, tonna meáchain, punt an chloch, to be a year old, a foot high, a yard long, a ton weight, a pound a stone.
In airde sa bhoimbéal, up in the rafters.
~ in airde é, knock it up.
Tá an teach in airde cabhlach, the house is wall-plate high.
~ an chúil aird, high-caul cap.
~ in airde, toss-up; pitch and toss.
againn, agaibh, acu) Cé againn is airde? Which of us is the taller?
in airde é, keep it (standing) up.
Tá siad ~, ar ~, they are of equal height.
Airde an chompáis, the points of the compass.
Tá ~ orthu in airde ansin, it is dangerous for them to be up there.
In airde sna ~aí, up in the roof.
Ar a chroibh in airde, with his paws in the air, on his back.
~ suas, in airde, é, hang it up, on high.
Bhí (sé ar) a chrúibíní in airde, he was sprawling on his back; he was done for.
Chuach sí in airde a cuid gruaige, she rolled up her hair.
Dá airde an sliabh, however high the mountain.
~ leis nach raibh aird acu air, he thought they were not paying attention to him.
Is airde d’orlach é, he is taller by an inch.
San aird ó dheas, in a southerly direction.
Tá do ~ airde ann, he is twice as tall as you.
Ní féidir a dhréim ar a airde, it is too high to climb.
~ in airde, prone; upside down.
~ trá, ~ airde, dulse washed up by tide.
~ in airde, high spirits, exuberance; airs, uppishness.
Tá ~ in airde ann, he puts on airs.
D’~ sé den talamh, in airde sa spéir, he rose off the ground, high in the sky.
Tá siad ag éirí thuas, in airde, orm, they are riding roughshod over me.
Dul in airde san fhirmimint, to ascend into the vault of heaven.
~ a chur in airde, to put up a notice.
Éirí in airde agus ~, uppishness and affectation.
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