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alt1, m. (gs. & npl. ailt, gpl. ~). 1. Joint. (a)~ na láimhe, na huillinne, na glúine, na gualainne, wrist-, elbow-, knee-, shoulder-, joint. ~ na coise, an mhurnáin, ankle-joint. ~ an chinn chrúibe, pastern-joint. An chéad ~ den mhéar, the first finger-joint. (b)Mec. E:~ súile is gabhlóige, knuckle-joint. ~ bacánach, daingean, uilíoch, sádráilte, úll is cuas, moirtíse is tionúir, rabóide, rothlach, sceimhle, hinge, immovable, universal, soldered, ball and socket, mortise and tenon, rabbet, rotatory, flange, joint. ~ roinnte, halved joint. (c)As ~, out of joint; dislocated. (d)In ~ a chéile, articulated; pieced together properly. Gach aon rud ina ~ féin, everything in its proper place. Ní raibh sé in ann an scéal a chur in ~ a chéile, he was not able to tell the story coherently. (e)In ~, set, ready. Tá an coirce in ~ a bhainte, the oats are ready for reaping. Nuair nach raibh sé in ~ a chosanta, when he was not in a position to defend himself. (f) Juncture. In ~ na huaire seo, at this juncture. (g)Ar na hailt, complete, consummate. Rógaire ar na hailt é, he is a real rogue. 2. Knuckle. Tabhair na hailt dó, hit him with the knuckles; box him. 3. Knot (in tree, timber). 4. Hillock. Tá ~ sa bhóthar, there is a rise in the road. 5. Bit (of land, tobacco, etc.). 6. Stumpy person. 7. Paragraph; section (of act, etc.). 8. Article, clause. ~ de chonradh, article of an agreement. 9. Literary article. ~ a scríobh do pháipéar, to write an article for a paper. 10. Gram: Article. ~ cinnte, éiginnte, definite, indefinite, article. An t-~, the (definite) article (in Irish).
alt2, m. (gs. & npl. ailt, gpl. ~).Mus: Alto.
alt3, v.t. (pp. ~a).Articulate, joint.
alt4, m = ailt1.
As alt, ordú, úsáid, out of joint, order, use.
Rud a chur in alt a chéile, to articulate sth.
An t-alt ~, the definite article.
Alt, cás, a choimriú, to summarize an article, sum up a case.
Alt, cnámh, an chromáin, hip-joint, -bone.
Rud a chur as áit, as alt, to dislocate sth.
as alt, dislocation.
~ in alt, setting.
An t-alt sin i do dhiaidh, that next paragraph (in your book, etc.).
Rinne tú ~ leis an alt sin, you made a great job of that article.
Ainmfhocal, alt, ~, indefinite noun, article.
Alt ~, housing joint.
Alt ~, new, fresh, paragraph.
Aiste, alt, leabhar, a ~ (ar rud), to write an essay, an article, a book (about sth.).
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