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ansin, adv. 1. There, in that place. Téigh ~, go there. Cuir ~ é, put it there. Tusa ~! You there! Tá tú ~ ! There you are! ~ thall, over there. 2. Then. ~ dúirt sé, then he said. ~ féin, even then. D’imigh sé ~, he went away then.
fág ansin é. Ah, leave it there.
Tá sé ansin agat go cruinn ~, you have it all there exactly.
~ fút ar an stól ansin, settle, seat, yourself on the stool there.
Níl ansin ach ~ an ceann agus seachain an muineál, it is a mere quibble; it is six of one and half a dozen of the other.
Bhí cuid den cheart ansin aige, he was partly right in that.
Tá ~ dó ansin, that is a sensible thing for him to do.
Tá ~ orthu in airde ansin, it is dangerous for them to be up there.
Ná ~ rud ar bith dá bhfuil ansin, don’t move, disturb, anything that is there.
Bhí ~ lámh ansin, there were handshakes all round.
Tá sé ansin go ~ agat, you have the exact amount there.
Tá an ~ ansin agat, you have the correct number, amount, there.
Ní raibh de chiall aige ach seasamh ansin, he had no more sense than to stand there.
Bhí sé ina sheasamh ansin go ndearna Dia duine ~ de, he stood there until he looked like a lost soul.
~ ansin, mar sin, é, leave it there, like that; leave it at that.
~ ansin é, look at him there.
Bhí ~ duit ansin! How decent of you!
Bhí sé ina shuí ansin agus ~ focal as, he sat there without saying a word.
Bhí sé ina shuí ansin ag déanamh a ghearáin leis féin, he sat there feeling sorry for himself.
Bíonn sé chomh fuar ansin go mbíonn ort cóta a chaitheamh, it is so cold there that you have to wear a coat.
Cad é atá tú a ~aidh ansin? What are you looking for there?
Ag ~ thart ansin, congregating around there.
Tá tú ~ i do shuí ansin, you must be weary sitting there.
Ná bí i do shuí ansin ag meabhrú, don’t sit there in a brown study.
Cuir do mhéar ansin, put your (wetted) finger there (on wetted finger), accept a challenge to fight.
Cad chuige a bhfuil tú ag ~ ansin? Why are you groping about there with your fingers?
~ atá ansin aige, that is something he imagined.
Beirse folamh ansin, you will be left with nothing then.
Bhí mé ~ ansin roimhe, I was there a long time before him.
D’fhág siad i mo sheasamh ansin mé, they left me standing there.
Cad é atá tú a sheilg ansin? What are you prowling after there?
~ thú féin síos ansin, settle yourself down there.
Ná seas ansin mar a bheadh ~ ann, don’t stand there like a post.
Ná seas ansin mar a bheadh ~ ann, don’t stand there like a post.
Sheas sé ansin ina ~, he stood there as if he were transfixed.
Bhí sé caite ansin ina ~, he was lying there in a heap.
Tá siad ina suí ansin go ~, they are sitting there happy and content.
Tá siad ina ~ ansin go suaimhneach, they are sitting there peacefully.
Tiocfaidh an duilliúr agus ansin an bláth, the leaves will appear and then the flowers.
Ní féidir liom teacht air in airde ansin, I can’t get at it up there.
1. ~ ansin, over there.
~ ansin ar ár gcúl, back there behind us.
Tá ~ bheag sa talamh ansin, the ground drops a bit there.
~ aineolas an bhealaigh a chuamar ansin, we went there because we didn’t know the way.
Nach ~ an saol atá aige ansin leis féin! What a lonely life he leads there all by himself!
Cad é an ~ atá ort ansin? What messing are you at there?
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