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thiar, adv. & a. 1. (In the) west. ~ thuaidh, ~ theas, (in the) north-west, south-west. ~~ thuaidh, ~~ theas, (in the) west-north-west, west-south-west. ~ lámh thuaidh, lámh theas, (in the) west by north, by south. ~ i nGaillimh, west in Galway. An tír ~, the west country. Sna hIndiacha Thiar, in the West Indies. S.a. aniar. 2. Back. (a) At the rear. ~ ansin ar ár gcúl, back there behind us. An taobh ~ den teach, the back of the house. Taobh ~ den bhalla, behind the wall. Dún na cnaipí ~, fasten the back buttons. ~ agus abhus, back and front. (Of garment) Taobh ~ aniar, back to front. (b) Behind in support. Tá rud éigin taobh ~ de seo, there is something at the back of this. (c) In inward part. ~ san uaimh, back in the cave. Tá na súile ~ ina cheann, his eyes are sunk back into his head. (Of food, etc.) D’fhág sé ~ é, he swallowed it. (d) Close to end. ~ i ndeireadh an leabhair, back towards the end of the book. I ndeireadh a shaoil ~, at the latter end of his life. Tráthnóna ~, late in the evening. S.a. deireadh12. (e) Back in time. ~ in aimsir na Lochlannach, back in the time of the Norsemen. 3. (a) Behindhand. Tá ~ orm le mo chuid oibre, I am behind with my work. Beidh ~ orainn ag an drochaimsir, the bad weather will set us back. (b) (Of failure, disappointment, etc.) Tá ~ orm anois, I am in a bad way now. Má thréigeann siad é beidh ~ air, if they desert him he’ll be left in the lurch.
Go dtaga thiar ~, never.
D’~ sé thiar liom, he booted, urged, me on.
Faoi dheireadh, ar ~, thiar (thall); faoi dheireadh is faoi dheoidh, at long last.
(Thiar) sa ~, (back) aft.
An ~ thoir, thiar, the eastern, western, world.
~ cúil, thiar, backdoor.
Tá ~ ag cruinniú thiar, dark clouds are gathering in the west.
Thiar ~n leaba, back under the bed.
Thiar ~ theas, west by south.
Tá an ~ thiar, the rain-clouds are gathering in the west.
~ (thiar) i gcasóg, vent in coat.
~ gach siar faoi dheireadh thiar, too far east is west.
~ thiar den chnoc, on the west side of the hill; behind the hill.
Tá rud éigin ~ thiar de sin aige, he has something other than that at the back of his mind.
~íonn an balla thiar an taisleach, the west wall lets in the damp.
~ thiar ~, (in the) south-south-west.
~ lámh thoir, lámh thiar, (in the) south by east, by west.
~ thoir ~, ~ thiar ~, in the north-north-east, north-north-west.
~ lámh thoir, lámh thiar, in the north by east, by west.
Thiar i d~ na huaimhe, in at the back of the cave.
Ní ~ thoir ná thiar iad, they are no sooner here than there.
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