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bain ar, v.t. & i. 1. Induce. Bhain mé air a theacht liom, I persuaded him to come along with me. 2. (pp.) Bent on. Bhí sé ~te ar mo bhualadh, he was bent on striking me. Bhí m’aigne ~te ar dhul ann, my mind was set on going there. 3. Lit:(a) Deprive of. ~eadh a radharc air, he lost his sight. (b)~eadh clog air, [’a bell was rung against him’, he was excommunicated.
Má bhaineann tú de ní bheidh mórán áthais ort, if you interfere with him you will regret it afterwards.
~ fút ar an stól ansin, settle, seat, yourself on the stool there.
Níl baint ar ~ agam leo, I have nothing to do with them.
Ag baint ~í ar cheist, beating about the bush.
Ag baint ~í ar a chéile, sparring with each other, trying each other out.
~ ar do rothar agus bain as, get up on your bicycle and be off.
(Ag baint, ag rith) ar ~, (reaping, running) in unison.
Bain díot an ~ amadáin sin atá ort, take off that silly expression of yours.
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