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bain le could be a grammatical form of: ainle »
bain le, v.i. 1. Touch, interfere with. Ná ~ leo, don’t interfere with them. Is deacair ~t leis, he is touchy. 2. Concern, relate to. Ní bhaineann sé liom, (i) it doesn’t concern me, (ii) he is not connected with me. Ní bhaineann sé le hábhar, it is irrelevant. An rud nach mbaineann leat ná ~ leis, don’t interfere with what does not concern you. Níl a fhios aige cad a bhaineann leis, he knows nothing about it. Tá costas ag ~t leis, there is expense attached to it. Gach duine a bhaineann leat, all connected with, related to, you.
~ nach bhfuil baint agat leis, say you have nothing to do with it.
Baineann sé le h~, it is relevant to the subject.
Níl aon ~ iontu, le baint astu, they are of no use.
Gan cur leis ná ~t de, without adding to or subtracting from it.
Níl ~ aige sin leis, that has nothing to do with it.
Níl ~ ná páirt agam leo, I have no connection whatever with them.
Níl baint ar ~ agam leo, I have nothing to do with them.
Níl ~ le baint as, nothing will move him.
Ní thuigim ~ a bhaineann sé leat, I don’t see how it concerns you.
Iomlán dá mbaineann linn, all (of those) who are connected with us.
Baineann sé le ~, it seems likely.
Ní bheidh tú bainte ~ caillte leis, you will neither gain nor lose by it.
Tá an féar ~ le baint, the hay is ready for cutting.
Ná bíodh baint ná ~ agat leo, have nothing to do with them.
Tá ~ ag baint leo, they put on airs.
Ag baint le ~, mowing with a scythe.
Tá ~ ag baint leis an obair seo, this work is very severe.
Tá ~ mhór ag baint leis, it entails a lot of drudgery.
Tá ~ ag baint leo, they are inclined to be consequential.
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