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ainm, m. (gs. ~, pl. ~neacha).1. Name. (a)~ agus sloinne, name and surname. ~ baiste, baptismal, Christian, name. ~ cleite, pen-name. ~ dílis, proper name, noun. ~ bréige, false name, alias. ~ muirne, ceana, pet name. ~ áite, place-name. ~ leabhair, name, title, of a book. ~ a thabhairt ar, to give a name to. ~ a chur ar, to name, specify. Duine, file, gan ~, a nameless, anonymous, person, poet. Brian is ~ dó, his name is Brian. Tugadh Brian mar ~ air, he was named Brian. Fear darb ~ Brian, a man named Brian. Cá h~ é? Cá h~ dó? Cad is ~ dó? Cén t-~ atá air? What is his name? Fear (de) d’~, a man of your name; your namesake. Is fear de d’~, ar d’~, é, he is a namesake of yours. Labhair ina ~ leis, speak to him by name. Is é a ~ é, (i) it is his name, (ii) it describes him perfectly. D’~ a chur le rud, to sign sth. Cuir síos d’~ leis, enter your name for it. In ~ a bheith ag obair, supposed to be working. Tá sé in ~ a bheith ina rí orthu, he is their king in name. Is leis a crochadh an t-~, he is unworthy of the name. An bhfuil scian agat? Tá an t-~ agam. Have you a knife? I have a sort of knife. Níl inti ach ~ scine, it is only a makeshift of a knife. Duine a chur as a ~, to miscall, abuse, s.o. Prov:Ná baintear an t-~ den bhairín, den bhlonag, call a spade a spade. (b) (In asseverations) In ~ Dé! In God’s name! For God’s sake! 2. Reputation. Tá an t-~ sin aige, air, he has that reputation. Tá ~ an léinn air, he is reputed for learning. Sin é a ~ riamh, that has always been his reputation. 3. Gram: Noun. ~ briathartha, verbal noun. ~ teibí, abstract noun. (Var:f, gs. ~e)
A dtithe, a n-ainmneacha, their houses, their names.
Is é an t-ainm a bhí air ~ Brian, Brian was his name.
D’~ an t-ainm di, the name stuck to her.
D’~ sé a ainm á lua, he heard his name mentioned.
Fear ar d’ainm, ar do chosúlacht, a man of your name, appearance.
Tá ainm, scéal, air sin, there is a name for, a story about, that.
Ár dtithe, ár n-ainmneacha, our houses, our names.
Ná ~ as a ainm é, don’t miscall him.
~eadh a ainm den rolla, his name was taken off the roll.
1. ~ dtithe, ~ n-ainmneacha, your houses, your names.
Is ~ an t-ainm é, it is a fine name.
Ainm bréige, false, assumed, name.
~ is ainm duit? What is your name?
Ainm an chéad fhir, na chéad mhná, the name of the first man, woman.
Is é do cheart d’ainm é, it is the name you deserve.
An fear, an teach, an t-ainm, an lá, an bealach, ~, the right man, house, name, day, way.
Ní chuirfinn m’ainm i g~ leis, I would not have my name mentioned in connection with it.
Ainm cúl le ~, a name new in the family.
Ainm, téarma, ~, generic name, term.
Ainm ceana, pet name.
~ ainmneacha, index of names.
Thug tú an t-ainm ~ air, you called him by his right name, by the name he deserves.
Is é sin an t-ainm is ~ air, that is the more usual name for it.
~ ainmneacha, figiúirí, column of names, of figures.
An t-ainm, an focal, ~, the wrong name, word.
In ainm Chroim! In the name of Providence!
Níor chuimhin le duine ar bith a ainm, no one could recall his name.
D’ainm a chur le rud, to put one’s name to, to sign, sth.
~ síos d’ainm leis, put down your name for it.
Bean ~b, ~bh, ainm Deirdre, a woman whose name is, was, Deirdre.
~ an duine, a person’s good name.
Ní hé an ~ a thug sé orm, he called me an impolite name, miscalled me.
Rinne sé ainm dó féin, he made a name for himself.
In ainm Dé, in God’s name.
Ag imeacht, ag obair, in ainm an diabhail, going, working, like the devil.
Ainm ~, proper name; proper noun.
Cad is ainm, sloinne, dó? What is his name, surname?
In ainm an donais, in the devil’s name.
In ~ go bhfuil an t-ainm céanna air liom féin, apart from the fact that he has the same name as myself.
~ ainm bréige, under an assumed name.
~ m’ainm, mo chine, my namesake, kinsman.
Ainm ~, appropriate name.
D’fhionnamar a n-ainmneacha uaidh, we got to know their names from him.
~ don diabhal, in ainm an diabhail, iad, tell them to go to the devil.
In ainm na ~ (cuir uait é), (get rid of it) to blazes.
Ainmneacha foscríofa, subscribed names.
D’ainm a fhreagairt, to answer one’s name.
Ainm ~, short name.
D’ainm a ghlanadh, to clear one’s name.
Glaoch ar dhuine ina ainm, to call s.o. by name.
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