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geall1, m. (gs. gill, pl. ~ta). 1. Pledge, security. ~ a thabhairt le rud, to give a pledge for sth. Rud a thabhairt i n~ (le, ar), to give sth. in pledge (for). Má thugann tú punt i n~ air, if you pay a pound on account. Rud a ghabháil ina gheall, to take sth. as a pledge, seize sth. as security. An bhean a bhí i n~ aige, the woman who was betrothed to him. Rud a chur i n~, to pledge, pawn, sth; to gamble sth. Chuir sé an talamh i n~, he pledged, mortgaged, the land. Ná cuir d’anam i n~ air, don’t risk your life on account of it. Dul i n~ ar rud, to go security for sth. Tá a chlú i n~ air, his reputation depends on it. Ó thug tú do gheall, since you pledged your word. Thug sé na ~ta geala, he made the most wonderful promises. (Indicating forfeiture of pledge) Beidh do shláinte i n~ leis, it will cost you your health. Dá mbeadh mo bhás de gheall air, even if it meant death for me. ~ airgeadais, financial commitment. Teach gill, pawnshop. 2. Wager, bet. ~ a chur le duine, to make a bet with s.o. Imirt ar gheallta, to play for stakes. ~ a chur ar, as, rud, to lay a wager on sth. ~ ar chapall, a bet on a horse. Bíodh ina gheall, let us bet on it. Is liomsa an ~, I win the bet; I am sure to win. Chuirfinn ~ as, I would bet on it; I am certain of it. Cuirfidh mé do rogha ~ leat (go), I’ll bet you anything you like (that). Bíodh ~ air (go), I’ll wager, I’m sure (that). Bíodh ~ go bhfuil an ceart aige, you may be sure he is right. Is mór an fear ~ é, he is a great man for betting, for saying ‘I’ll bet you’. Bhain, ghabh, thóg, sé an ~ go sásta, he won the bet easily; he was an easy winner. 3. (a) Gage, challenge. ~ comhraic, gage of battle. ~ta bád, boat races. Lit:~ oinigh, ar oineach, a chur le duine, to compete with s.o. in generosity. (b) Palm, prize; supremacy. An ~ a bhreith ar, ó, dhuine, to bear the palm from, to excel, s.o. Rug sé ~ gaisce ó gach aon, he surpassed everyone in feats of arms. Béarfaidh sé ~ gach fir ar lúth, he will exceed all men in agility. ~ ón rós ag gríos a grua, her cheek is redder than the rose. Do gheall a ligean le duine, to let s.o. get the better of you. 4. Token, promise; asset(s). ~ bua, token of victory. Tá ~ airgid iontu, there is money to be made out of them. Tá ~ na bhfiach agam, my debts are secured; I have enough to meet my commitments. Is é an ~ is mó agam é, it is my chief asset. Mac is mór ~, a lad of great promise. Is é an ~ do bhean óg é, he is quite a catch for a young woman. Is é an ~ acu é, they think the world of him. Strus agus ~, wealth and assets. ~ gearr, scanty resources. Ní théann an ~ gearr i bhfad, one can’t get far on slender means. S.a. brá 2. 5. ~ le, i n~ le. (a) Dependent on. Bheith i n~ le rud, to be dependent on sth. (b) Equal, equivalent, to. Is ~ le féasta acu é, it is like a feast to them. Ba gheall lena bhás aige é, he felt as though he were going to his death. Más ~ le fear thú, if you are a man at all. (c) All but, almost. Tá sé ~ le bheith déanta, it is practically done. Tá mo dhóthain ann, nó ~ leis (de), it is enough for me, or nearly so. (d)Lit:I n~ le haon duine amháin, because of one person. 6. (De) gheall ar. (a) For the sake of. De gheall ar an dea-shampla, in order to show good example. Iarraim ort é de gheall ar Dhia, I ask it of you for God’s sake. (De) gheall ar Dhia, ar an saol, leat! For goodness sake! (b) Disposed to, intending to. Bheith (de) gheall ar rud, to be disposed to, in favour of, sth. Bhí mé de gheall ar labhairt leat, I meant to speak to you. Má tá tú de gheall ar imeacht, if you want to go. 7. I n~ ar, mar gheall ar. (a) On account of. Mar gheall air (go), by reason of the fact (that). Mar gheall air sin, on that account. Ná déan é i n~, mar gheall, ormsa, don’t do it because of me. (b) Concerning. Cad mar gheall air? What about it? Sin a bhfuil le rá agam mar gheall air, that is all I have to say about it.
geall2, v.t. & i. 1. Pledge (one’s word), promise. (a)Rud a ghealladh do dhuine, to promise sth. to s.o. Gheall sé tuarastal dom, he promised me a wage. Gheall mé go rachainn leo, I promised that I would go with them. An rud a ghealltar ó bhéal agus nach gcomhlíontar, what is promised with the lips and is not fulfilled. Gheallfadh sé grian is gealach duit, he would promise you the sun and the moon. ~aim duit (go), I promise, assure, you (that). Déanfar é, ~aim duit! It will be done, I assure you! (b)Gheall sé a iníon dó, he pledged, promised, him his daughter in marriage.Tá sí ~ta dó, she is betrothed, engaged, to him. (c)Gheall sé mo mhuineál a bhriseadh, he vowed to break my neck. (d)Com:Bille a ghealladh, to accept a bill. 2. Allot, ordain. An rud a gheall Dia dúinn, what God ordained for us. An saol atá ~ta dom, my allotted span of life. An bás a ~adh dó, the death that was decreed for him. Más é atá ~ta dúinn, if it be our lot.
Ní gan ~ a gheall sé é, his offer was not unreserved.
Dá mbeadh m’~ (i ngeall) air, if my life depended on it.
Dá mbeadh do bhás de gheall, i ngeall, leis, if your life depended on it.
Bíodh is gur gheall sé é, even though he promised it.
2. ~ gill, (i) hostage held for ransom, (ii) (source of) wealth.
Tá ~ gill aige, he is a wealthy man.
~ mar gheall air? What about it?
Thug siad gealladh gan ~adh ar a chéile, they promised not to betray each other.
Tá a chlú i ngeall air, his honour is at stake in it.
Is geall le ~ é, it spells ruin.
Geall a chur, to make a bet.
Geall a chur ar chapall, to put a bet on a horse.
Geall a chur le duine, to make a bet with s.o.
Gheall sé dá mhac, dá iníon, é, he promised it to his son, to his daughter.
Rud a dhéanamh de gheall ar Dhia, to do sth. for God’s sake.
Geall a dhúbailt, to double a bet.
~ i bhfiacha, i ngeall, embarrassed, mortgaged, estate.
Geall, morgáiste, a fhuascailt, to redeem a pledge, a mortgage.
Tá ~ faoi, it shows promise.
~ bille, acceptance of bill.
Geall a ghlacadh, to take a bet.
Duais, geall, a ghnóthú, to win a prize, a wager.
Geall, airgead, a ~t, to play for a stake, for money.
Geall imeartha, stake in game, gambling stake.
Bhí sé ina gheall imeartha ag an saol, he was the sport of fortune.
Geall ~, makable bet.
Bhí an t-~ i ngeall air, everything depended on it.
Níl sé ~ leis féin mar gheall air, he is dissatisfied with himself over it.
Ná bí liom mar gheall air, don’t annoy me about it.
Chuir sé geall liom, he made a bet with me.
~ gheall air sin, on that account.
Bhí sé ag ithe na ~ de féin mar gheall air, he deeply regretted it.
Gheall sé na hoirc is na hairc dom, he promised me the moon and the stars.
Cuirfidh mé do ~ geall leat, I’ll bet you anything.
Ná ~ bean mar gheall ar spré, do not covet a woman for her dowry.
Níl ~ ná snaidhm le cur i ngeall agam, ‘I have neither a thread nor a stitch at stake’, I have nothing to lose.
~ gill, pawn-ticket.
Thóg sé (suas) an geall, he took up the bet.
Ní raibh a thuilleadh mar gheall air, there was no more about it.
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