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Similar words: iarratach · iarrta · araltas · arrachtas · arranta
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iarratas, m. (gs. & npl. -ais, gpl. ~).1. (Act of) asking, petitioning; begging, importunity. Bheith san ~, ag ~, to be asking for something, to be supplicating. Tá an t-~ ann, he is importunate. An té a chleachtann an t-~ gheobhaidh sé an t-eiteachas, persistent begging invites refusal. 2. (Formal) application. ~ a dhéanamh ar rud, to make an application for sth. ~ ar phost, ar cheadúnas, ar chúnamh, an application for a post, for a licence, for assistance. Ar a ~, on his application, at his request. Foirm iarratais, application form. 3. Demand. Tá ~ air, it is in demand. Níl ~ air, nobody wants it. 4. (Application for a) subscription. ~ a dhéanamh do scoil nua, do dhuine i gcruachás, to ask for subscriptions for a new school, for a person in distress. Ag bailiú ~, collecting subscriptions. 5. (a) (Act of) probing. (b) = iarratach1.
Ar a iarratas, on his application.
3. ~ doiciméid, iarratais, completion of document, of application.
Iarratas, éileamh, a chur isteach, to present an application, a claim.
Éileamh, iarratas, a dhéanamh, to make a claim, an application.
Iarratas a dhéanamh ar rud, to make an application for sth.
Dhiúltaigh sé m’iarratas, he refused my application.
~ chlóbhuailte, iarratais, printed, application, form.
Mar fhreagra ar d’iarratas, in reply to your application.
Seic, iarratas, teastas, a ~, to write a cheque, an application, a certificate.
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