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measa could be a grammatical form of: eas » · meas » · olc »
measa :olc2.
An rud is measa ~, the worst thing there is.
~ measa, arbitrator.
Is olc bua na bruíne (agus is measa a díomua), nothing is ever settled by fighting over it.
An rud is measa dár bhuail faoi, the worst thing that happened him.
Ní measa é ná ~, he is no worse than others.
~ é an rud is measa ar bith? What is the worst thing of all?
An chuid is measa de, the worst part of it.
Níl mé a dhath níos measa leis, I am none the worse for it.
Is é an rud is measa de (go), the worst part of it is (that).
An rud is ~ agus is measa, the best and worst thing.
Tá meas an domhain, an ~ measa, acu air, they think the world of him.
Ag éirí níos measa, getting worse.
Thug sé an ~ is measa ina bhéal, ina phluc, dom, he made a vile remark to me.
Nár thaga ~ is measa (ná sin), may we hear no worse news (than that); the report is of no consequence.
Is measa a ghlam ná a ghreim, his bark is worse than his bite.
Is ~ rud is measa ná é, there are worse things in life.
Más olc ~ is measa mullóg, the alternative is even worse.
Is ~ is measa mar sin é, it is far worse so.
Ní measa domsa ~ duitse é, it is no worse for me than for you.
Is é an chuid is measa den scéal (go), the worst aspect of the matter is (that).
Duit féin is measa é, it will be all the worse for you.
An rud is measa le duine ná a bhás b’fhéidir gurb é lár a leasa é, what one regards as a fate worse than death may be all for one’s good.
An bealach is measa le siúl, the worst road to travel.
measa used in special senses)
Is measa liom mo chás féin, I am more concerned with my own case.
Cé is measa leat? Whom do you prefer?
Is measa leis a mháthair ná a athair, he likes his mother better than his father.
Caitheann sé an focal is measa ina phluc leo, he uses vile language against them.
Is é an ~ is measa de (go), the worst part of it is (that).
Measa sa mheasa, worse and worse.
Is é an rud is measa ar an ~ (go), the worst of it is (that).
Dóibhsean is measa é, it will be the worse for them.
An rud is measa de ~ a bheith ar nós cuma liom, the worst feature of it is your indifference.
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