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measc1, m. (gs. ~). 1. Lit: Jumble, confusion. ~ ar mheasc, mingled together, in a state of confusion. 2. (In phrases) I ~, in the midst of, among. I ~ na bhfear, na leabhar, na gcnoc, among the men, the books, the hills. Dul i ~ na ndaoine, to mingle with the people, to appear in public. As ~, from the midst of, from among. Toghadh as a ~ é, he was chosen from among them.
measc2, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha). 1. Mix; mix up. Rudaí a mheascadh le chéile, to mix things together; to mix things up. ~ le huisce é, mix it with water. Ní mheascann ola is uisce, oil will not mix with water. Ná ~ thú féin ann, don’t get yourself mixed up with it. Mheasc sé mo chiall, it confused my senses. Comhluadar, pósadh, ~tha, mixed company, marriage. 2. Stir. Brachán, pota, a mheascadh, to stir porridge, a pot. ~ le spúnóg é, stir it with a spoon.
Bhí ~ ban ina measc, there were a number of women among them.
As a measc, from among them.
Is dona mar a chaith mé mo bheart ina measc, I got on very badly with them.
~adh ina measc é, he happened to be among them.
Ba cheanúil liom a bheith ina measc, I’d love to be among them.
I measc na n~, among the worms, in the grave.
I measc ~anna áirithe, in certain circles.
Tá mé mar a bheadh strainséir ~ ina measc, I am like a black stranger among them.
I measc na ndaoine, among the (ordinary) people.
Measctha ~ fadar, all mixed up together.
I measc na ndaoine, among the people.
I measc an iomláin acu, among all of them.
~ measctha, ~ in umar, (i) (washing) dolly, (ii) interfering person, trouble-maker.
~ measctha, mixed metaphor.
I measc na ~, in the company of the saints.
~ measctha, mixed marriage.
~ bhuachaillí is chailíní, ~ mheasctha, mixed school.
Tá ~ maith aige i measc a mhuintire, he is a man of good standing among his people.
~ Dé inár measc, may the peace of God be among us.
I measc na ~í, among strangers, in a strange country.
Ná bí ~ i measc daoine, don’t make a show of yourself among people.
I measc na d~, among the bushes.
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