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Similar words: bort · gort · mort · or · port
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ort could be a grammatical form of: ar »
ort :ar2.
Mura bhfuil ort ~ gur scríobadh thú, if there is nothing the matter with you but that you were scratched.
Cuirim mar ~ ort, I entreat you.
Tá an t-~ ort, you are lucky.
Go gcuire Dia an t-~ ort, (i) may God prosper you, (ii) God love you!
~ éisc ort! Good luck with the fishing!
Nár agraí Dia ort é, may God forgive you for (doing, saying) it.
Cuir uait na hagallaimh sin ort, give over your waggishness.
Achainím ort ~ ná déan é, I beseech you not to do it.
Tiocfaidh sé in ~ ort, you’ll rue it.
Is ionadh liom sin a bheith ina ~ ort, it is strange that you should be puzzled by that.
Chuirfeadh sé ~ ort, it is disgusting.
An bhfuil ~ ort as do pheacaí? Are you sorry for your sins?
Beidh a ~ ort, beidh tú ina ~, you will rue it.
Cá bhfuil ~ ort? Where do you reside?
Má théann sé ~ ort go bhfuil airgead agat, if it gets abroad that you have money.
Tá ~ ort, you are being foolish; you are talking nonsense.
Níl ach ~ duit deifir a bheith ort, there is no need for you to hurry.
~ a bheith ort faoi rud, to be in doubt about sth.
Ná bíodh lá amhrais ort faoi sin, you may rest assured about that.
Tá an bia ~ ort, your food is spoiled, gone to loss.
Tá sé ~ aige ort, you owe it to him.
Cuirfidh tú ~ ort féin ag casadh do bhéil mar sin, you will distort your face grimacing like that.
Níl bac ort fanacht anseo, there is nothing to prevent you from staying here.
Beidh a mbás ort, you will be held responsible for their death.
Tá mo tharrtháil ort, you are the only one who can rescue me.
Ná bíodh imní ort, don’t be anxious.
Cad tá ort? What’s wrong with you?
Tá buntáiste aige ort, he has an advantage over you.
Cad é an chaint atá ort? What are you talking about?
~ orm agus ardóidh mé ort, you help me and I will help you.
~ a bheith ort as rud, to be glad of sth.
Má bhaineann tú de ní bheidh mórán áthais ort, if you interfere with him you will regret it afterwards.
~ a chur ort féin le rud, to give oneself the trouble of doing sth. over again.
Tháinig ~ mór ort le bliain, you have greatly altered in the past year.
Níl a bhac ort, there is nothing to prevent you.
Ba mhaith an bhail ort go ndearna tú é, it was well for you that you did it.
~ ort! Good luck to you!
Cuir ort do bhalcaisí, put on your clothes.
Tá ~ ort, you are making a nuisance of yourself.
Is deise an ~ ná an dubh ort, white looks nicer than black on you.
Chuirfeadh sé an dubh ina bhán ort, he would persuade you that black was white.
Cuir ~ ort féin, restrain yourself.
Tá ~ ort! It’s a pity about you!
Fuair mé ceann de bharraíocht ort, I got one more than you.
Gabhfad de chleite an bheadaí ort, ‘I will take the goose-quill to you’, summons you.
Bíodh múineadh ~ ort, behave yourself a little.
Ná bíodh ~ balbh ort, don’t be dumb, speak out.
Mo bheannacht ort, bless you.
Mo sheacht m~ ort! Bravo! Good for you!
~ Dé ort, God bless you.
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