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píopa, m. (gs. ~, pl. ). Pipe. 1. (Plumbing, drainage, etc.) ~í, pipes, plumbing. ~ báistí, rain-pipe. ~ bóthair, pipe, drainage-channel, under road. ~ bréantais, stench-pipe. ~ fuíll, waste-pipe. ~ gáis, gas-pipe. I.C.E:~ ionsúiteach, induction pipe. ~ seirbhíse, service-pipe. ~ soirn, stove-pipe. ~ soláthair, supply-pipe. ~ taosctha, drain-pipe. ~ uisce, water-pipe. ~ béil (orgáin), flue-pipe (of organ). 2. (Tobacco-)pipe. ~ adhmaid, briar-pipe. ~~cailce, ~ cré, clay pipe. ~ tobac, tobacco-pipe; pipeful of tobacco. Do phíopa a dheargadh, a chaitheamh, to light, smoke, one’s pipe. Choinnigh siad tine ar a phíopa aige, they kept him in a constant state of anxiety. 3. (Measure) ~ fíona, pipe of wine. 4. ~ clutharacháin, ~ geancánaigh, acorn-bowl. 5 = píb. 6 = píobán.
~ a chur ar phíopa, to light a pipe with an ember.
~ greim as an arán, toit as do phíopa, take a bite of the bread, a smoke of your pipe.
~ den phíopa, a puff of the pipe.
Toitíní, píopa, a chaitheamh, to smoke cigarettes, a pipe.
Píopa a chalcadh, to choke a pipe.
Chaoch an píopa, the pipe choked.
~ spúnóige, píopa, bowl of spoon, of pipe.
~ píopa, lid of pipe.
3. ~ píopa, bowl of pipe.
5. ~ (píopa, méire), dry sucking (of pipe, of finger).
Ag ~ a mhéar, a phíopa, sucking his fingers, his pipe.
Píopa a ghlanadh le ~, to clear a pipe with a straw.
~ píopa, stem of pipe.
~ gunna, píopa, bore of gun, of pipe.
~ píopaí, pipe-laying.
Tá mo phíopa ~, my pipe is lit.
Píopa a dheargadh, to light a pipe.
píopaí, toitíní, pipe-, cigarette-, lighting.
Bhí sé ag ~ a phíopa, he was sucking his pipe.
Bhí a phíopa ina dhraid aige, he had the pipe stuck in his mouth.
Píopa a fholmhú, to empty out a pipe.
Bíodh ~ (de thoitín, den phíopa) agat, have a smoke (of a cigarette, of the pipe).
~ a bhaint as an bpíopa, to take a pull of the pipe.
~ scine, píopa, stumpy knife, pipe.
~ píopa, long-stemmed pipe.
Píopaí le huisce a iompar, pipes to carry water.
~ píopa, toitíní, pipe-, cigarette-, lighter.
~ cáblaí, píopaí, laying of cables, of pipes.
~ mé as an píopa, I let the pipe go out.
~ do phíopa, fill your pipe.
~ le píopa a dheargadh, spill for lighting a pipe.
~ de phíopa, stump of pipe.
Cá bhfuil do phíopa uait? Where have you left your pipe?
~ den phíopa, a puff of the pipe.
~ plátaí, buidéal, píopaí, plate-, bottle-, pipe-, rack.
~ píopa, pipe-cleaner.
Píopa, feadán, a réiteach, to clear a pipe, a gully.
Píopa sceite, overflow pipe.
~ a bhaint as píopa, to take a pull at a pipe.
Píopa a ~eadh, to puff a pipe.
2. ~ a bhaint as píopa, to puff strongly at a pipe.
Tá mo phíopa ~tha, my pipe is blocked up.
~ i bpíopa, stoppage in pipe.
Píopaí ~a, choked pipes.
Píopa a tharraingt, to draw a pipe.
~ a bhaint as píopa, to take a pull at a pipe.
~ a chur ar phíopa, to light a pipe with a glowing ember.
2. ~ tobac, de phíopa, a smoke of tobacco, of a pipe.
~ píopa, elbow of pipe.
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