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stop1, m. (gs. ~, pl. ~anna).1. Stop. ~ a chur le rud, to put a stop to sth. Níor cuireadh ~ ar bith orainn, nobody tried to stop us. Tá an trácht ina ~, the traffic is at a standstill. Bhí an clog ina ~, the clock was stopped. Cad chuige a bhfuil an scoil ina ~? Why is school suspended? Ag an dara ~, at the second stop. 2 = stopadh.
stop2, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha). Stop. 1. Bring to a halt, to an end. Duine a ~adh ó rud a dhéanamh, to stop s.o. from doing sth. Níl aon duine á ~adh duit, nobody is hindering you from doing it. Mórshiúl a ~adh, to stop a procession. ~ sé ag an doras mé, he stopped me at the door. Troid a ~adh, to stop a fight. An carr a ~adh, to stop the car. ~ sé an t-inneall, he shut off the engine. Liathróid a ~adh, to block a ball. ~ an bhó dom, head off the cow for me. Abhainn a ~adh, to stop a river. Fuil a ~adh, to staunch blood. Pinsean a ~adh, to stop payment of a pension. ~adh punt as mo thuarastal, a pound was withheld from my salary. ~ ar do lámh, stay your hand. 2. Come to a halt, cease functioning, discontinue. ~adh ag barr an bhóthair, to stop at the top of the road. Tá m’uaireadóir ~tha, my watch is stopped. Ní ~ann siad ach ag caint, they never stop talking. 3. Stay, lodge. Cá bhfuil tú ag ~adh anois? Where are you staying now? 4. Stop up. Poll a ~adh, to stop a hole. Tá mo phíopa ~tha, my pipe is blocked up.
Nuair a bhaineann sé amach ní féidir é a stopadh, when he gets going (talking) he cannot be stopped.
~ slán, stoptha, through, stop, chamfer.
Shoraidh de nár stop iad, hang it, he could have stopped them.
Níl ~ ná stopadh ort (é a dhéanamh), nobody is stopping you (from doing it).
~ a dhéanamh in áit, to make a stop at a place.
~ tráchta, hold-up of traffic.
~ i bpíopa, stoppage in pipe.
~ oibre, stoppage of work.
~ tuarastail, withholding of salary.
Gléas stoptha, stopping device.
Ordú stoptha, stop order.
~ i bpíobán, obstruction in tube.
~ ar fhual, difficulty in passing water.
Cuir uait an ~, stop playing like a child.
Ó théann (sé) ~ go dtéann, ná cuir bac air, since he is going, which he is, don’t stop him.
Stad den ~, stop your antics.
Nuair a bhaineann sé amach ní féidir é a stopadh, when he gets going (talking) he cannot be stopped.
Níor ~eadh fúithi ach ag gol, she could not be stopped from crying.
Níl ~ orthu ach ag caint, they can’t stop talking.
Ní ~ dó gan a bheith ag caint, he can’t stop talking.
Cuirfidh mise ~ air, I’ll put a stop to him.
~imis tharainn é, let us stop talking about it.
~ do ghreann orainn, keep your jokes to yourself, stop teasing us.
~ do cheiliúr, do chomhrá, air, stop talking to him, let him alone.
Chuir mé ~ ina shrón, I put a stop to his antics.
Buille a chosc, to stop a blow.
Comhrá a chosc, to stop, prohibit, a conversation.
Siúl a chosc, to stop, obstruct, travel.
Níor choisc aon duine thú, nobody stopped you.
Choisc sí de ghol, she stopped crying.
Bainfidh mise an choisíocht díot, I’ll put a stop to your gallop.
Ní dhearna sé stad (mara) ná ~, fos ná ~, sos ná ~, (go), he neither stopped nor stayed (until).
Cónaí faoi bhealach, to stop on the way.
~ a chur le rud, to put a stop to sth.
Bain do chrúcáin asam, stop pawing at me.
~ uait! Stop that.
~ feadáin, reed-stop.
Tháinig sé amach ag an ~ stad, he got off at the next stop.
Stad sé den ól, he stopped drinking.
Chuir sin ~ ina sháil, that put a stop to his gallop.
~ a chur le rud, to end, finish, sth.; to put an end, a stop, to sth.
Saoire a thabhairt don ~, to ’give the devil a rest’, stop swearing.
Poll a dhúnadh, to stop a hole.
Stad den ~, de na healaíona, sin, stop that game.
Cuirfidh mise ó ~ thú, I’ll make you stop meddling, I’ll put you in your place.
~ a dhéanamh, to stop raining.
~ leis, stop interfering with it.
Chuir mé ~ ina shrón, I put a ring in his nose, put a stop to him.
Níl ~ ar bith ort, there is nothing to stop you.
Níor fhan sé air, he didn’t stop at that.
D’fhógair mé air éirí as, I warned him to stop it.
Níor tháinig suí ná ~ air, he neither stopped nor stayed, never rested.
~ a dhéanamh, to come to a halt, to stop.
~ in áit, ag rud, to stop at a place, to remain at sth.
Níor stad sé is níor fhuaraigh sé (go), he neither stopped nor stayed (until).
Stad de na geáitsí, stop your antics.
Cuirfidh mise ~ ann, ina bhéal, I’ll stop him from talking.
D’imigh an ~ di, she stopped clocking.
Poll a iamh, to stop a hole.
Ní dheachaigh, níor tháinig, ~ ná foras air, he neither stopped nor stayed.
Níl aon duine ag ~aidh do chúraim ort, nobody wants your attentions; stop meddling.
Ó d’~ an t-airneán, since the night-visiting stopped.
Níor cuireadh ~ lena gcosc, no attempt was made to stop them.
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