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tart could be a grammatical form of: art »
tart, m. (gs. ~a).1. Thirst. ~ a bheith ort, to be thirsty. Chuir sé ~ orm, it made me thirsty. Braon beag leis an ~ a bhaint díot, a little drop to take away your thirst. ~ íota, íota ~a, devouring thirst. ~ bruithleacháin, dry murrain. 2. Lit: Dryness, drought. ~ Bealtaine, drought in May. 3. Strong desire, craving.
Ag cur thart an ~a, passing the time.
Ag ~ thart, looking around, back.
Dé hA~ seo chugainn, seo a chuaigh thart, next, last, Friday.
Dá mbeadh tart, ocras, laige, ar dhuine, if one were thirsty, hungry, weak.
~ tarta, quenching of thirst.
Bailígí thart, timpeall, orm anseo, gather, assemble, around me here.
Bhailigh sé thart ar ball, he passed by a while ago.
Dé Luain ~ seo a chuaigh thart, only last Monday.
An bhliain seo caite, a chuaigh thart, last year.
Ag ~adh amach, thart, moving out, about.
Ag ~ thart, footling about.
Ag ~ thart, nosing about.
Ag ~ thart, walking, trotting, about.
Thart ar bhorda na tíre, around the borders, coasts, of the country.
Ag ~ thart, isteach is amach, tacking about, standing off and on.
Ag ~ thart, snooping around.
Bhuail tart, ocras, mé, I was seized with thirst, with hunger.
Seol a chaitheamh thart, to jib a sail.
~tha leis an tart, parched with thirst.
~adh thart, timpeall, to turn about.
Tart, ocras, ~, terrible hunger, thirst.
Ná bí ag ~ thart orm mar sin, don’t keep hovering about me like that.
Tart a chloí, to quench a thirst.
Ag ~ thart, loafing about.
Thart an ~, round the corner.
Ocras, tart, a chosc, to allay hunger, thirst.
Tá sé ~ ar thart, it quenches thirst.
Thart an ~, round the bend.
~ tarta, slaking of thirst.
Thart ar chósta(í) na hEorpa, round the coast(s) of Europe.
Ag ~ (thart), loafing about, loitering.
Cruinniú thart, timpeall, ar dhuine, to gather round s.o.
~ thart ort é, wrap it round you.
Roth a chur thart, to turn a wheel.
Long a chur thart, to turn a ship round.
Rud a chur thart ort, to put sth. round you.
Deoch a chur thart, to pass round a drink.
Chuir siad thart an scéal, they passed the news around.
An saol a chur thart, to take life easy, pass away the time.
An lá a chur thart, to pass the day.
Airgead a chur thart, to put money by.
~ thart rothaí, the turning of wheels.
Ag ~ thart, running about.
Ba dheacair liom dul thart gan labhairt leo, I didn’t want to pass by without speaking to them.
Beannaigh don ~ agus lig an drochdhuine thart, ‘salute the good person and let the bad person pass’, cherish your friends and avoid your enemies.
~ (thart), move over (into position); keep still.
Ag ~ thart, scrounging around.
~ do dheoch is beidh tart ort, [’spill your drink and you will thirst’, wilful waste makes woeful want.
Ag ~ (thart), loitering about and accosting people.
Ag ~ (thart), walking backwards, sideways (like a crab); crawling about.
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