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thoir could be a grammatical form of: tor »
thoir, adv. & a. (In the) east. ~ thuaidh, ~ theas, (in the) north-east, south-east. ~~ thuaidh, ~~ theas, in the east-north-east, east-south-east. ~ lámh thuaidh, lámh theas, (in the) east by north, by south. ~ i mBinn Éadair, east in Howth. Na ceantair ~, the eastern districts. Sna hIndiacha Thoir, in the East Indies.
~ thoir, far to the east.
Rinne an ghaoth ~ thoir, the wind settled in the east.
An ~ thoir, thiar, the eastern, western, world.
Chluinfeá sa ~ thoir é, you could hear him anywhere.
Tá an lá ag ~adh thoir, the day is breaking, brightening, in the east.
Tá an ghaoth ag seadú thoir, the wind is settling in the east.
~ thoir den tSionainn, east of the Shannon.
~ thoir ~, (in the) south-south-east.
~ lámh thoir, lámh thiar, (in the) south by east, by west.
~ thoir ~, ~ thiar ~, in the north-north-east, north-north-west.
~ lámh thoir, lámh thiar, in the north by east, by west.
Ní ~ thoir ná thiar iad, they are no sooner here than there.
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